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Shira Gill Home is a boutique lifestyle brand with a “less is more” philosophy that merges home organization, minimalism and style. My mission is to help you create beautiful, streamlined and personalized living spaces that reflect your unique interests, values and lifestyle.

Whether you want to reclaim your cluttered closets and redefine your personal style, or organize your entire home, we’ll work together to transform your living spaces and simplify your life, one project at a time.

Conquering clutter + creating living spaces you love will restore your energy, reduce your stress and clear space for what you truly care about. Nervous to begin?  I’ll be by your side the entire time as your coach, project manager, and biggest cheerleader. Let’s dive in!

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Shira has worked as an actor, a talent manager, a wedding planner and an event producer. Her tendency towards minimalism has served her well as she has moved more than 25 times, living in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and abroad. Shira is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she lives with her husband and two daughters.

Shira loves helping clients create a “well edited life” filled with fewer, better things, and since founding her business, she has transformed hundreds of homes.  She is a contributor to Mamapedia, Simply Spaced, Gugu Guru and The Next Family, and has led workshops and seminars on organization + simple living throughout California.

Shira received her coaching certification from The Life Coach School and uses her training to help clients get to the root causes of their challenges and create permanent change. To get started on a project, or just say hello, email Shira anytime.