Bag Perfection

I had to chase down a stylish woman at my local supermarket today to find out the brand of her bag!

(That’s right, I will run for a good bag).

The good news is that now I can share it with you: Makr. And they are on sale today!

I love the classic casual look, sturdy material and big pockets.

A perfect diaper bag, beach bag or travel bag!


Clean Slate

Crate and Barrel has just launched  their line of cleaning storage and utility supplies and I am drooling over their products.

I just ordered the Grey Ergo Floor Duster – and it has literally changed my life. That’s right. A duster changed my life.

We live in a home with a lot of hardwood floors and dust is a huge problem. This beauty swivels and glides like a champ and grabs the dustballs like nobody’s business.

I can wipe out dust in seconds and  the microfiber pad is machine washable so no need for constant replacements and better for the environment.


Happy Cleaning!

Art Table For Wee Ones

I am always scouting for great art space and storage for my clients who have kids and this set from P’kolino is just the ticket!

Among the benefits are a reversible tabletop with a chalkboard, a set of two stools that tuck away when the day is done, and a hidden compartment with ample space for paper and supplies.

I found ours greatly discounted from Amazon and it was a cinch to put together!



Bathroom Bins

I am sick of our bathroom toiletries  piling up into chaos. No more!

So, I put to use a collection of my favorite open canvas bins from the container store.

I simply labeled them, “Guy Stuff”, “Girl Stuff”, and “Medicine + Supplies”.

They live on the top shelf of our linen closet and any dummy can tell where things go now.

Problem solved.


Style Guide

My family is trying to keep our spending to a minimum and so we have to get creative with our approach to decorating.

Here are a few things that have been helping:

1. Get inspired. I am inspired by the new home itself, but I am also inspired by my neighborhood boutiques, decor magazines, friend’s homes, etc. I have started a pinterest page to capture the styles I love and when I get lost I simply pull up these beautiful images! It makes it easier to part with the duds we have been holding onto and shoot a little higher.

2. Remind myself that less is more. My brilliant + stylish friend, Naomi, recently gave this advice: “Keep the bedroom minimal. All you need is a beautiful rug, a unique light fixture, and a few pretty details like ethnic baskets or antique mirror and you are all set!”

3. We are selling things on Craigslist and then keeping an envelope with the cash to buy a few new things, either on Craigslist or at the Alameda Antique Fair next month. This ensures we will keep spending to a minimum and find truly unique items.

4. I just scored a beautiful antique light at my favorite local boutique just by asking the owner if I could buy it from her! You never know where you will find a great item for your home and it never hurts to ask.


Please share your tips for decorating on a budget!

A Fresh Start in A New Home

My family is preparing for a move next month and my stuff is seriously stressing me out.

I thought I was a minimalist but can see I have some real work ahead to own that title.
The amount of time I am dedicating every day to sorting, selling, donating, cleaning and organizing has further convinced me that living with less is the way to go.
I keep imagining all the stuff I could be doing if I wasn’t dealing in some way or another with my belongings…
Relaxing with my family, reading, getting a pedicure, taking a hike, cooking a meal. This thought inspires me to take this as an opportunity to re-evaluate my things and start fresh with my new home.  Just as I do with my clients, I am taking it one space at a time, and I am starting to feel some relief. Little projects are so satisfying to accomplish and the more I do the more fired up I am to streamline even more.
With just one hour a day of focused work, you can change the way you live. How will you simplify your life and your space this Spring?