Berry Basket

This ceramic berry basket is adorable, no?

I received one filled with fresh strawberries and tied up with a cute fabric ribbon at a “favorite things party” a few weeks ago.

It was so simple and charming I wanted to share! I think it a perfect hostess gift or great party favor for a summer event.

Now, I can’t wait for berry season to arrive…

It’s Workin’ For Us: Kid Shoe Storage

OK. admittedly, I don’t buy my girls a ton of shoes. But we still need a place to store them and I am always in favor of kid-friendly solutions. I picked up this little white bucket from The Container Store and placed it in my two-year old’s closet about six months ago. I told her (with gusto!) that it was her “special shoe basket” and she was smitten right away. We love it because she can toss her shoes in and retrieve them without any help from us. We don’t have to worry about nagging her to arrange them on a shelf and she can practice her jump shot while cleaning up. Simple, yet effective!

A Chic Rug

Rugs are generally super expensive and I am always on the prowl for a good deal. I was delighted to come across this simple (and budget friendly) beauty by Calypso Home  and wanted to share. I love the neutral colors and simple design for any living space. The cost is four hundred dollars for a 4 x 6 but other sizes are available online. Happy decorating!

Play Tent

I have been looking for a play tent for my girls and all of the ones I found were too hokey for my taste, until….I discovered moozlehome on Etsy.  Moozlehome is created by designers Kate Clarkson and Dennis Harrison. All items are made in their homes in either Pembrokeshire, West Wales or Amsterdam, Netherlands. You can order tents with your child’s name and/or custom textiles. I am ordering one with a pink felt heart for my daughter’s third birthday and if my husband didn’t put the brakes on I would surely get one for myself. It’s true love.



It’s Workin’ For Us: Snack Jars

We have no pantry and limited cabinet space so It was a bit of a challenge to figure out snack storage.  After a bit of research I stopped by IKEA and snatched up three of these glass canisters. They sit on our butcher block counter top in plain view and every week I fill them with a variety of snacks and breakfast cereals. My two year old is obsessed with them and gets excited every time I introduce a new snack: “Mama what was in that jar before? What’s in it now?!”

I like that they are air tight and you can see what’s inside. If you buy a bunch and place them in a row they look tres chic!

Happy Snacking!


Simple Solutions: Water Jug

I drink an insane amount of water and I am always on the prowl for new vessels. I was at my friend Ariana’s house and spotted this simple glass jug. When she confessed she had picked it up at IKEA I ran over and bought three. Best purchase ever. I keep them filled with water or lemonade in my fridge and hydrate like a maniac. I’m also loving the glass mason jars my friend Mahnee gave me for water or juice.

Happy hydrating!