Hable Construction

I have a new love. It’s pretty intense. I have just discovered the incredible storage options from Hable Construction and someone seriously needs to hold me back. Restrain me!! Laundry storage, stuffed animals, blankets, toys…the possibilities are endless!

See below for a few of my favorites:


Have a favorite storage product? Share, please!

Zip Pouches

A friend recently asked me to write about storage ideas for tiny toys and loose game pieces.

Although many people favor clear, labeled boxes, I am a sucker for zip pouches.

Blick mesh zipper bags are great because they are so durable and can lean against each other on a shelf without collapsing. We use them for puzzles, play food and games. My two year old can unzip them herself which is a bonus.

I am also loving these stylish sets from Baggu.

They come in all different shapes and sizes, perfect for storing odds and ends.

The larger style is excellent for games and puzzles or collections of action figures or dolls.

We also fill one with kid snacks and essentials and toss it in the glove compartment of our car.


How do you like to store itty bitty things?

Use Your Resources

It is hard to ask for help.  Now that I have two young children and a business of my own, I have been forced to get over myself and ask the people around me for help and support whenever possible.

I have learned that people actually like sharing their talents and skills and being helpful! Here three ideas you can try out to make your life easier while helping out others at the same time. A double win!

1. Babysitting swap: Know someone else with kids who is in desperate need of a break? Offer a monthly babysitting swap. You’ll be helping a friend and also gaining a date night or well deserved break for yourself!

2. Trade your skills: Everyone has something they are good at whether it’s being a fix-it person or an incredible chef. I have traded my organizational services for everything under the sun including personal training, business coaching, yoga classes and marketing expertise.

3. Meal Train: When I had my two daughters, friends and family were kind enough to organize a meal drop-off system for my husband and I. It was such a relief to know that we didn’t have to shop or prepare dinner when we were so busy with the little ones. This got me thinking how great it would be to do on a regular basis. Partner up with a few local friends and take turns dropping off dinner for each other.

How will you use your resources to simplify your life this year? Share, please!

Holiday Gift Overload!

So, we got through the holidays but now what can we do with all of this stuff?!

One of the most common issues I run into with my clients, and in my own life, is how to handle the overflow of kid stuff. We all want our kids to have a stimulating array of books and toys, but it can quickly get out of control. As a former pre-school teacher, I know that kids really don’t need much to fuel their creativity, and it is up to us, the parents, to edit what comes into our homes.

My family lives in a two bedroom flat, and we have to limit what enters our house or we would drown in it! This year, we were given an insane amount of clothing, toys and books for the holidays and we found ourselves without enough room to store everything. I decided to talk to my two-year old about it and try to strike a deal. I explained that we needed to pick our favorite things to keep but that we could donate some of the other items to her preschool or to kids who didn’t have any toys. Much to my surprise and delight she was on board immediately and started sorting her toys frantically! Soon, she had selected a tea set and some blocks to give to her school and a stack of books and toys to donate to other children. The whole thing was so quick and easy and the process taught her a valuable lesson about making choices and helping others.

I realize it won’t always be so easy and wanted to brainstorm other ways to get the inflow of stuff under control.

Here’s what I came up with:

1. For holidays and birthdays ask for “experience” presents instead of tangible gifts: A membership to the Discovery Museum or Studio Grow, dance, music or gymnastic classes or a gift card to the movies are all great presents and they take up zero space in your home.

2. Ask people to make gifts to your favorite charity or non-profit in the name of your child. You can involve your child to research options that appeal to them on a personal level. This option makes the child feel like they are having a positive impact on the world and teaches them about social responsibility.

3. Have a cooking themed birthday party. Skip the gifts and have each kid bring their favorite ingredient: pizza, sundae or cupcake toppings are fun treats. My daughter would give up her left arm for sugar and might not even notice the lack of gifts.

4. If people must buy gifts, urge them to go for books. It is always great to expand your little reader’s library and books take up far  less real estate then other games or toys.

5. The collaborative gift: Instead of lots of small items, urge your child to select one very special gift for the holidays. Friends and relatives can pool their money towards one big-ticket item that your child will treasure.

Have other ideas on how to live well with less stuff? Please share!

DIY Holiday Card Display

Usually, I am a jerk and recycle our holiday cards right away.

This year, I thought it would be nicer to create a simple display that our little ones could look at.

This is what I came up with:

Here is what I did:

I used a tack to secure a pretty cloth ribbon to the top of our dining room door.

Next, I put strips of double-sided tape on the ribbon evenly spaced out, all the way to the floor.

Finally, I adhered our holiday cards to the ribbon.

Voila: A colorful display of the ones we love most!

I am also thinking this is a charming way to display kid art once the holidays wind down.


How do you display your holiday cards?

The Daily Docket

OK, Folks. I admit it. Having a toddler and a newborn is no joke and I am a bit in over my head with managing it all gracefully. Between all of my family obligations and running my own business I recently  found myself swamped with non-stop plans and activity and needed a new system to keep it all straight. Enter….”The Daily Docket”!!

I have been trying to figure out the perfect calendar system for quite sometime. I am not a techie and like to see things on paper but it was becoming a challenge to update my calendar in pen whenever plans shifted. Also, I needed a place for the lists of to-dos that are always running through my head…buy stamps, return jeans, pack lunch, etc. After a lot of trial and error I discovered The Daily Docket – A free download from the author of Organized Simplicity. (My fave book on organization + simple living).

This brilliant sheet of paper includes space for your daily appointments and activities but also has a place to record your dinner plans, workout goal, food + water log, daily inspiration, blog and/or work ideas and miscellaneous notes throughout the day. In addition, the Daily Docket includes a place to jot down your three “Most Important Tasks” (or MITs) for the day. With a list as long as mine, it’s so helpful to be forced to prioritize each day. Then, whatever I don’t get done by the end of the day gets transferred to the next day’s log. I am breathing easier already. Ahhhhh.

Donation + Return Baskets

The way I live there is a tremendous amount of stuff coming in and out of my house.

I like to shop but I am a minimalist so I am always selling, donating, returning and exchanging stuff. Whew!

I wanted a simple system to keep it all straight and decided to use these stylish and functional bins from The Container Store.

I’m loving the lightweight design and the rope handles.  I snatched up two and plan to use clear luggage tags to label one”Returns” and the other “Donations.” The Return basket will include items that need to go back to friends or family as well as store returns. Donations will include clothing and household items that I want to give to charity or my daughter’s pre-school. The genius thing is that they can store a ton of stuff and when they are full I can just throw them in my trunk and take care of business.

Problem solved!

Handbag Storage

Recently, my good friend, Sierra, asked me to do a post on handbag storage.

Bag storage is challenging because women love to switch bags and rotate the contents, and also need a good place to store the one in use. They usually end up in a huge pile in the closet or draped over random door knobs. This simply will not do!

My first idea was to make the switching itself easier. I spotted these lovely pouches from Baggu and thought one of them would fit all the necessities: mobile phone, make-up, keys and wallet. Now it would be easy to switch from bag to bag since the daily essentials are contained in a single pouch!

Now, how to store the bags?  If you have lots of space in your entry way Pottery Barn carries a great selection of storage furniture. I was drawn to the big drawers in this unit which would make concealed handbag storage a breeze.

If you need a solution for smaller spaces I like this hanging holder from Amazon.com:

You can also use a closet shelf to display the bags neatly with these wire shelf dividers.

I also found these acrylic ones to be functional and a bit sleeker:

If you are truly short on storage space (like me!) I am convinced that hooks are the way to go. One durable over-the-door hook will do the trick for the bag of the moment and wall-mounted hooks will take care of storing the rest.

The Container Store has a big assortment but I am loving the fancy pants hooks from Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.

Also loving this modern option from Blu Dot for hanging and displaying multiple bags.

Finally, I am considering this super durable over the door stroller hook for my big, heavy mama bag. I bought a beautiful storage bench thinking I would toss it in, but it’s just not proving to be practical. I am in and out so many times a day I need my bag to be easy to grab and store.

Have ideas on bag storage? Please share!

Felt Organizer

Loving this Kikkerland felt organizer!

I discovered it at a friend’s house last week and gasped with delight when I thought of the possibilities.

No more lost keys! No more hunting for your mobile phone! So smart. So simple.

My husband is loving the gray one I got for his closet door – He empties his pockets into it at night and can now easily find his phone, keys and cash any time.

Perfect for a stocking stuffer or unusual hostess gift, no?

Holiday Gift Organization

Can you already feel the craziness in the air? I’m trying to keep it simple this year. Way simple.

In an attempt to tackle holiday gift giving in the most efficient way possible I am dividing my gift buying into three categories:


Closest Family + Friends: I will take one day to go shopping for personal, meaningful gifts for the closest few in my circle.


Friends + Colleagues: This year I am buying one simple gift for everyone else. I am thinking a glass votive holder and some home-made candies or sweets tied with a pretty ribbon. I will set aside one day to fetch the candles and another for baking and packaging with my two-year old. Done and done!


Hostess Gifts: I always find myself racing around at the last-minute to grab a bottle of wine to bring to dinner. This year, I am going to make a list of all of our holiday events and buy my hostess gifts in bulk. I will purchase a variety of simple gifts that we can bring: Nice wine, hand soap, olive oils, etc. I plan to put them in a large basket by our front coat closet so we can literally grab + go!


How will you simplify your gift giving this season?

Photo by Hedy Macferran