My Impossible Goal

A few months ago I wrote about goal setting and hinted that I was working on something big. I love setting big goals, but it’s also scary to share them because… failure. I think we all worry that if we go public with our dreams and goals, and then fail, it will be humiliating. I also think that there is great power in being vulnerable, and I believe that most people want to root for us and help us succeed.

My big 2018 goal: a virtual closet makeover program!

So, here it is: My big goal for 2018 was to create an amazing virtual closet makeover program, that I could sell at an affordable price point to women all over the world. I truly believe in the transformative effect of the work I do and wanted to make it more accessible to more people.

Specifically, I want to have at least 1,000 people take the course this year, and I want to give the course away for free to one person from each continent (I’ll need your help for that part).

The Closet Makeover Program: Sharing all of my best tips, tools, and resources!


The program is designed to help teach you how to edit, organize, and style any space, but specifically your closet. If you have been feeling in a style rut, or frustrated with your overstuffed, disorganized closet, I am here to share all of my best tips, tools, and resources.

You can get on the waitlist right here and I’ll get in touch when registration opens next week!

P.S. If you know someone outside of the US who could benefit from this program, have them get in touch with me to apply for one of the free spots.

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Hey Shira

I live in Belgium and could definitely use your help to reorganize my closet and love the clothes I have left instead of looking at all the clothes I hang on to for numerous reasons but do not feel great in them when I wear them.

Get Organized Already

Woah! This sounds terrific!
What a great idea and from the looks of your closet you have a lot of great advise.
Honestly, I can’t wait to hear how this goes. I’m always interested in learning more about creating virtual organizing solutions. Will it be custom tailored? Or chose your own adventure? Or a step-by-step that will help any closet?

Ooh! So many questions.
Thank you for sharing.


Hi Shira,

I will be moving from California to the Netherlands this summer and I LOVED the closet makeover you did with me in Sacramento. It helped me so much to prepare for our BIG move back to Europe. Thank you!


Hi Shira
I live in South Africa and would love to participate 🙂


I would love this, I live in Northern Spain and apartments are smaller than in the U.S., so storage is always an issue.
We are a family of four living in 95 square meters, which is the average here.
Excited to hear more about your closet makeover program!


Hi Shira, I live in Ireland with my family of 4 – my husband, two young boys , oh and also my dog! I’d love to help you reach your goal and to pilot your program in the Emerald Isle! Thanks Paula


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