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The On-Site Closet Makeover 

Hands-on help to edit + organize your closet, and refresh your style. These limited spots go fast!

An organized closet doesn’t just look better, it actually helps you feel better.

When our closets are set up like a well-curated boutique, we start each day with the message that we matter and that our own self-care matters.

Getting dressed with ease every morning helps you show up in the world as a more present, intentional, and confident version of yourself.

Get ready to elevate your everyday style and create a closet that reflects the best version of you.


Ready to streamline your space and simplify your life? My collaborative closet makeover sessions are like a date with your best girlfriend – cappuccinos and all. We’ll work together to tackle any editing, organizing, and styling challenges you’ve been struggling with. Let’s roll up our sleeves and have some fun…

Three amazing benefits

In a matter of hours, I’ll help you edit and and elevate your wardrobe to reflect the best version of you. This is about changing your life, not just organizing your stuff.

  • Reclaim control over your space, reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Redefine and clarify your personal style – hello, confidence; goodbye, shopping mishaps.
  • Boost your confidence and lighten your load!
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It's hard to describe the transformational impact of working with Shira. She accomplished in 3 hours what I've been trying to do for 3 years.

Caitlin L

Work with Shira

Ready to streamline
and simplify?

Customized On-Site Session from $2500

If you’re ready for hands-on help and quick, transformative results, this one’s for you. I can’t wait to help you reclaim your space and set up a curated closet that reflects your style and boosts your mood. These limited spots go fast!

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"It's hard to describe the transformational impact of working with Shira. She's like your best girlfriend, a life coach, an organizer, and a stylist all rolled into one."

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My closet was completely transformed after my session with Shira. It has become 100% clutter-free and stress-free. I actually enjoy getting dressed now - she's truly a miracle worker!

Julie E

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