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10 Prompts for The New Year

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I’m not big into traditional resolutions, but every year, on January 1st, I try to get my space and my life in order. This includes teaming up with my husband, often against his will, (hi, Jordan!) to edit our files and paperwork, set a budget and financial plan for the new year, and clean out our closets. It’s hard work, but incredibly cathartic, and saves us so much time and energy in the long run.

new year prompts

We also set aside a little time to reflect on the past year and set some goals and intentions for the year ahead. It’s a great opportunity to gain some clarity and create a reset for any areas we want to shift or improve.

Want to join us? My favorite simple prompts are below:

What am I proud of?
What do I want to make more space for?
What do I want to let go of?
What do I want to do differently?
What new habit do I want to start?
What old habit do I want to break?
What relationship do I want to invest more in?
One positive belief I’m going to reinforce? 
One risk I’m going to take? 
One thing I want to make or create?
One way I’d like to contribute or give back?
One big thing I will accomplish by the end of next year.

What small (or big) shifts do you want to make this year?

One small shift I’ll be making is moving towards a more informal newsletter format starting next year. I’ll be sharing fun discoveries like favorite podcasts, books, shows, and resources, and also inviting you to a handful of free community events with some of my favorite inspiring and influential friends and colleagues.

First up, a call with sustainability expert, author, and founder of the #NoNewThings challenge, Ashlee Piper. I’ll be joining the challenge starting on January 1st in an effort to reduce the mental energy I spend on shopping, save money, and live more sustainably.

Even if you’re a wee bit curious, I encourage you to show up for the free kick off call.

CLICK HERE to join us.

Happy New Year, Friends.


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3 comments on “10 Prompts for The New Year

  1. hi Shira, Could you share the way you guys do your budgeting? I’d love to find a more simple way of doing this. Thanks!!!

    1. Sure! In a nutshell, we have a spreadsheet with our monthly expenses (mortgage, insurance, utilities, etc.) that we update each year so we know our basic family budget. Then we factor in how much we want to save, extras like car repairs, travel, kid summer camps, etc. so we can arrive at a more accurate budget. I find it very helpful to know how much we need to bring in each month and it helps me map out my business goals so I can stay on track. YNAB is a great resource for budgeting if you wanted an online system. Hope this helps! x

  2. Looking forward to the new newsletter!

    Will the call be recorded or a shared summary afterwards? This topic is at the top of my list for the new year and I’m curious to hear more!

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