3 Steps to Improve Your Relationship with Your Stuff

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Have you ever considered what you want your relationship to be like with the things you own? If you and your stuff were dating, how would you define your relationship? Needy? Dysfunctional? Erratic? Neglected? What do you want your relationship with your stuff to be like?

Read on for three simple steps to improve your relationship with your stuff
Assuming there’s room for improvement, read on for three simple steps to improve your relationship with the things you own.

Step One: Awareness

How much do you own? What do you own? Consider factors like volume, frequency of use, and quality. If you feel overwhelmed, start by looking at just one category at a time with fresh eyes. For example, you could pull out all of your kitchen appliances and then decide which items you want to keep in your home. Eliminate any duplicates, and if you own occasional-use appliances like a waffle maker or a panini press, decide whether they are worth the space they take up in your home. The most important thing is to be intentional about which items you decide to keep.

Always be intentional on the items you choose to keep.

Step Two: Use + Appreciate What You Already Own

Before you run out to the store or click the “buy now” button, try “shopping” from your own home. Most people have more toiletries, housewares, and clothing than they know what to do with, and yet we all keep bringing more of everything into our homes. The next time you find yourself reaching for your credit card, do a quick inventory check to make sure you don’t already own what you are about to invest in.

Step Three: Respect

This is a big one. Consider how you treat your physical possessions. Are the items you care about shoved in drawers or cabinets gathering dust or are they displayed in your home with care? Often, the things we would call our most valuable possessions are neglected in damp basements or crammed in cluttered closets. Decide which items you care about and then treat those items with the respect that they deserve – frame and hang your favorite photos, wear and display the jewelry that you love, care for your clothing, you get the picture.

Not sure where to begin? Start small and remember a little bit of progress is still progress.

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