30-Day Organizing Challenge with Ink + Volt

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Raise your hand if you’re struggling to stay focused on your goals right now.

If your hand is up, keep reading. If it’s down, please tell me all of your secrets immediately.

I’m guessing we could all use a little boost of positivity and productivity, so I was thrilled when Ink + Volt asked me to partner with them to create a fun (and free) 30-Day Home Organizing Challenge (it’s actually 31 days, but I have a thing for round numbers). You know I’m all about the power of incremental change, so we’ve designed this challenge to be actionable, approachable, and achievable – even if you only have fifteen minutes a day to spare.

home organization
This challenge is an opportunity to improve your life and home in just one month. The idea is simple – each day you tackle the mini task listed, check it off, and celebrate your success. I promise if you take just fifteen minutes a day to try these prompts, you will feel better about your yourself and your space. You can download and print the planner RIGHT HERE, and join us for the starting on July 1st, or, do your own thing whenever it works for you.
organization planner

I’ll be taking you behind the scenes, on Instagram, as I tackle my own small projects. Join me there all month, and share your little organizing victories by tagging me (@shiragill), and using the hashtag #15minwin, so I can celebrate with you.

Let the games begin! Xx

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