5 Simple Ways to Declutter Your Digital Life

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Do you feel overwhelmed by the constant buzzing of computer alerts and mobile phone apps calling for your attention? Digital clutter can take a toll just as much as physical clutter. Here are a few simple ways I’m trying to quiet the noise and declutter my digital life:

5 Simple Ways to Declutter Your Digital Life

Clear Your Desktop

When I open up my computer and find the home screen cluttered with photos and documents I find it difficult to stay focused. Try deleting any outdated items and then organize the remaining items into labeled files for easy access when you need them. A blank screen feels like a clean slate. Ahhhh…

Limit Open Tabs

I was shocked to notice the other day that I had ten tabs open on my computer! Stay focused and increase productivity by closing up shop so you won’t be temped to peruse social media, or other sites, when you sit down to work.

Delete Unnecessary Apps

Take ten minutes to delete any apps from your phone that you don’t use or reference. You can also try organizing the apps that you do use by type. I love to keep my home screen blank and store all of my apps on the second page so I’m less tempted to go down a social media rabbit hole.

Turn Off All Notifications

Tired of alerts on your devices distracting you throughout the day? You can easily adjust your settings to turn off all notifications so you can enjoy the sound of silence and stay focused throughout your day.


Whenever spam or junk mail lands in your inbox, take a few seconds to report or unsubscribe. I’ve committed to this practice for just a few months and I’ve seen a massive drop in unwanted emails.

Interested in trying a full blown digital detox? Read about how right here. 

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