5 Simple Ways to Get Out of a Style Rut

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Have you been wearing some version of the same thing for, oh, about the last two years? I hit a wall recently where I realized I had ended up in a bit of a pandemic fatigue fashion rut. Like so many people, I’ve pivoted my business to primarily working from home, so the only person I have to dress up for most days is myself – cue the slippers and cozy pants!

I used to pride myself on getting dressed with intention (I even created a course about it!) so I decided it was time to step it up a notch and get out of my rut. Fashion is often dismissed as being fluffy or superficial, but how we dress plays a huge roll in how we feel, act, and show up in our lives. Ready to set the reset button and refresh your style for spring? I’m sharing five simple ways to get started.


Ditch the Duds

There are few things I find as invigorating as a good closet edit. Releasing the items that don’t fit, flatter, or make you feel good about yourself will boost your energy, free up valuable real estate in your closet, and give you a more accurate sense of what you might need to add – if anything. Grab your donation bag, put on your favorite music, and get ready to party…

Rediscover Your Favorites

Since many of us have been essentially ignoring 90% of our wardrobes for the past few years, chances are there are plenty of gems just waiting to be dusted off and rediscovered. Pretend your closet is a boutique, and browse around with a curious eye. Pull out a few items you love and would like to wear more, and store them at arm’s reach so you’ll be more likely to actually put them on. Better yet, create a killer outfit and lay it out so you can easily throw it on first thing in the morning and go out feeling your best. I did this recently, and I’ll tell you, not having to duck and hide when you run into an old client at the market is pretty great.

Invest in ONE New Signature Item

I’ve always believed that a great pair of shoes or a stylish handbag can transform even the most basic outfit. If you’re feeling a little less than thrilled with your current closet situation, start small by adding one very intentional item to help elevate your wardrobe. I’m gonna vote shoes or bag, but maybe you’re more of a sunglasses, jewelry or scarf person (there are so many scarf people!!). You do you. Just make sure to choose something that feels versatile enough to integrate into your wardrobe on the regular.

Find a Style Muse

Identifying someone whose style you admire can help you refresh your own look. Pay attention to the details. Does your muse wear solids or prints? Bold colors or neutrals? Certain textures or fabrics? A specific formal or relaxed silhouette? A signature bold lip or neon nail polish? Take note of the things that resonate and see how you can incorporate at least one of them into your current wardrobe.

Swap Styles with a Friend

Swapping clothes or accessories with a friend or family member is a great risk-free way to step out of your comfort zone and mix things up. I often swap clothes with my best friends who are a similar size, and even shopping around someone else’s closet is a great way to get a fresh dose of inspiration and maybe discover some new-to-you brands. I am also a huge fan of hosting a clothing swap party – full breakdown on how to that right here.

I’d love to know: what creative ideas have you tried to refresh your personal style when you’re in a rut?

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