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5 Things Making Me Happy

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I have been hearing from so many people that they are feeling an intense pressure to “take advantage” of this time at home and be wildly productive. If you’re feeling a wee bit overwhelmed by the voices in your head and the nine billion self-improvement classes, meal prep courses, and How-to-Pivot-Your-Business classes, cluttering up your inbox, I invite you to hit “delete all” and curl up and read a book, have a good cry, order a pizza, watch terrible TV shows, or do whatever feels good to you. It’s a very, very weird time. Your mental health is critical. Go easy on yourself.

Amid everything that’s going on in the world, I am finding great comfort, even moments of joy, in the little things. Here are five simple things that have been boosting my spirits. Hope they boost yours as well!

5 Things Making Me Happy by Shira Gill Home

1 // This delightful family lockdown boogie is pure joy.

The search for chic, but practical PJs is over! I splurged on this set for my birthday, and think it might be the solution to not looking like a total schlump at home.

2 // On John Krasinski’s uplifting new YouTube show, “Some Good News,” there’s a thrilling part where the full original cast of the megamusical Hamilton performs for a 9-year old superfan. Watch it here. It starts at about ten minutes in.

3 // Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu. Jordan and I are both hooked.

4 // Until I can go back to my beloved local workout classes, I have been trying (and mostly loving) The Class. It’s a little out there, but a solid and dynamic workout with a very clean aesthetic. You can get a two week trial for free right here.

5 // Flowers. I always need flowers in my life, so I’ve been putting some yard clippings in a vase by my bed and buying whatever they have at the market when we do our weekly stock up.

I’ve also been staying sane by sticking to a schedule during the week to create a sense of normalcy and structure. I’ve been writing up a storm in the mornings, breaking for lunch and a dog walk with the girls, and then seeing virtual clients in the afternoons. We’ve been staying cozy cooking or ordering takeout at night and watching movies together or reading. I’m digging into Untamed and LOVING it.

Hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy and safe. I’d love to know what simple pleasures are getting you through this strange and challenging time. Xx

P.S. Many of you have been asking if the Get Organized Master Class will open again soon. I’m making a few fun updates (hello, house tour!) and will announce when it’s ready to launch in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Image Credit: Vivian Johnson Photography

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4 comments on “5 Things Making Me Happy

  1. Can I ask? How do you manage to work (write) in the morning and the afternoon, with kids, during this time, without childcare? My husband and I are slightly losing our minds without childcare and I, a writer with a book deadline, am not getting even close to enough done. Does your husband watch the kids both in the morning and afternoon, while you work? And do his own work at night? Or does he not need to work now? I’d love to hear more about how you’ve worked things out! (As we’re kind of dying here.)

    1. Thank you for asking! I’ve been getting this question a lot and will be posting about it soon. Stay tuned!

      1. Thank you so much! My friends—all writers and artists—have been discussing this endlessly. We’re all basically losing our minds, trying to work in tiny, limited stints, with no privacy and constant interruptions. So I’m really grateful for your response, as it seems like you two have worked things out so you can be extremely productive! xo

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