5 Tips for an Organized Playroom

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A few months ago, I collaborated with IKEA and Liz from Say Yes, on a playroom makeover. Liz is a busy mama of three and runs a thriving business and blog. She reached out because her playroom felt cluttered and disorganized, and she was ready for a fresh start. IKEA generously agreed to provide storage and furnishings for the makeover, and my role was to work with Liz and her family to streamline and simplify their multipurpose space. I’m thrilled with how everything turned out, and I had so much fun working with Liz and her sweet family.

See below for a reveal of the space and to check out my top playroom organizing tips!

1. Edit First. Don’t shop for organizing products before doing a thoughtful edit. That way you only buy what you actually need for storage. I had Liz and her family take everything out and put it on the floor, so we could sort through one category at a time and only keep what they loved and actually played with.

2. Involve your kids. Involve your little ones in the editing process so they can feel in control of their belongings. Let them choose what they love and select some items that they no longer play with. It’s especially useful to declutter before birthdays and holidays so you can eliminate toys, games, and puzzles that aren’t played with and create space for new gifts.

3. Broad Categories. Separate toys into broad categories and store them in open bins or baskets to make clean-up a breeze. Categories could include blocks, dolls, trains, animals, cars, Legos, etc. We used open bins from IKEA in three different sizes to store the current favorites. I especially loved these white baskets.

4. A Uniform Look. Choose uniform storage options to create a streamlined look. Playrooms can be overstimulating for little minds. Try using bins and baskets in similar styles and colors for a look that is easy on the eyes. You can see how we used several types of bins and baskets, but we lined them up grouped by style and color for a clean look.

5. Clear Limits. Set clear limits to maintain a streamlined playroom. Keep only 2-3 broad categories of toys out at a time (i.e vehicles, Legos, Magna Tiles, babies, etc.). You can rotate toys as interests evolve and change. Practice the one-in, one-out rule to ensure that your space stays organized and clutter-free (when knew a new toy comes, time to donate one!).

If your playroom is bursting at the seams, I hope you’ll give these tips a try, and let me know how it goes. Liz has reported that her streamlined playroom has been a hit for the whole family, and owning less has made maintaining the space so much easier.

A big thank you to IKEA for partnering with us on this project and providing the lovely storage featured here!

P.S. Need a little support to whip your own play space into shape? Clutter-Free with Kids is now open. Click here.

Image Credit: Say Yes

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