5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like a Fancy Hotel

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Last weekend, Jordan and I left the kids and the dog with the grandparents for the first time in two years, and drove down the coast to Malibu. It was glorious. We stayed at a little hotel overlooking the beach, took walks, sipped overpriced smoothies, had dinner at my favorite restaurant, and returned home refreshed. I’ve always loved staying at hotels, and this time I paid extra close attention to all the details so I could try to recreate the same feeling at home. Here are five simple ideas to make your home feel like a fancy hotel…

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Crisp White Bedding

Almost every hotel I’ve ever stayed at, regardless of style, always features crisp white bedding. From the duvet cover to the sheets and pillow shams, you really can’t go wrong with a nice set of white linens. In fact, I think an all white bed even looks dreamy and inviting when it’s crumpled and unmade (hotel life – the one time I don’t make the bed in the morning). If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your linens, I recommend Coyuchi (organic) or Parachute.

Fruit and Wild Flowers as Decor

When I was on a super low budget in college I would decorate by putting some green apples or lemons in a bowl on our dining room table. My then boyfriend would make fun of my “show lemons,” but I felt like I was channeling fancy hotel vibes, so I rolled with it. During our recent hotel stay in Malibu, I noticed beautiful, vintage wooden bowls, overflowing with lemons, featured as decor throughout the property (take that college boyfriend). I also loved that they placed little bud vases of freshly cut local wildflowers by the bed and perched more on the bathroom sink – a little detail that makes any room feel more inviting.

Treat Yourself

I tend to scoff at the inflated prices of in-room hotel treats and beverages, but they also seem so exciting and tempting. While I typically abstain from indulging in the overpriced hotel offerings, I do like to treat myself in the comfort of my own home. Why not curate a basket of your favorite treats and goodies to enjoy any time you like? Gourmet gummy bears? Yes, please. Specialty popcorn? I’m so in! Chilled bottle of rosé or sparkling water? Let’s go! Go crazy and set up a little hydration station stocked with your favorite beverages or make your own pitcher of “spa water” with herbs and fruit and pop it in the fridge. If you really want to get crazy, treat yourself (or drop some serious hints to the people you live with that you’d enjoy being treated) to breakfast in bed – complete with fresh fruit, drip coffee and juice. My girls convinced me to buy a compact folding tray for sick days, but now I’m thinking it might become a regular weekend indulgence. It’s the little things…

Plush Robe & Slippers

Something about slipping into a cozy robe and plush slippers creates a pavlovian cue to lounge and relax. It took me a long time to track down a stylish set I loved, but I finally landed on these super cozy slippers from Freda Salvador (use code 15SHIRA for 15% off) and this unisex waffle robe from Parachute that the whole family fights over. Try hanging your robe on a hook on the back of your bathroom or closet door and tucking your favorite slippers under your nightstand for easy access.

Elevated Products

Most nice hotels pride themselves on providing high quality products like lotion, soap, shampoo, and conditioner. If you find a brand that you really love at a hotel or in the bathroom of a boutique, consider indulging in a matching set of fewer, better products for your own daily rituals? I love investing in a single shampoo, conditioner, and body wash our whole family can share, so our tiny bathroom stays clutter-free and we can splurge on higher quality products. I also love how hotels have those wall-mounted pumps for their products, so I tracked down this brilliant shower mount system (complete with matching glass bottles!) from a small seller on Etsy. This minimalist set would also look lovely in any bathroom. Just add your favorite products to feel like a you’re on an indulgent retreat every day.

If you’re looking to elevate your home, or even want to try a staycation, I hope these simple suggestions will get you off to a good start. Now please excuse me. I’m off to throw on a robe, grab myself some spa water, and curl up with a good book…

Have you ever tried to recreate hotel life at home? Share in the comments below.

Image Credit: Freda Salvador

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