A Closet Refresh w/ The Laundress

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Keeping your closet organized can feel like a never-ending chore, but not to worry! I am thrilled to partner with The Laundress to help you quickly transform this workhorse room into a streamlined and stylish space you might actually want to hang out in. 

I rarely partner with brands, but I love supporting small companies founded and run by women. They’re celebrating 15 years of business this month – amazing!!

Set a timer for 15-minutes, and let’s dive in with some beautiful products and quick, actionable tips to spruce your space! Your closet will thank you.

A Closet Refresh w/ The Laundress

Relocate the Random

Closets can be a magnet for clutter. If you’re guilty of stowing random household items in your closet, you’re in good company. Luckily, it takes mere minutes to gather up, and relocate, the things that just don’t belong – art, diplomas, coffee mugs, kids’ toys, I’m talking to you!

Stow the Seasonal

Seasonal items, such as heavy duvets, winter coats, and bulky sweaters, take up precious closet real estate during the warmer months. Create space by stowing seasonal clothing and blankets in these Canvas Storage Bags. They which protect your garments from dust and can be easily tucked under your bed or stored in a cool, dry space on a shelf. Ahhh, space.

Stow the seasonal items

Give Your Clothes a Little Refresh

Do you have lightly worn clothes draped over a chair or hamper, or shoved in the back recesses of your closet? Give these “half-worn” items a quick refresh by shaking them out and hanging them on a hook or hanger. You can also freshen them up (without running a full load of laundry) with a quick spritz of Fabric Fresh Classic Spray from The Laundress. The spray has antibacterial properties to freshen garments while removing odors in between washes.

Give Your Clothes a Little Refresh with Fabric Fresh Classic Spray from The Laundress

Make it Uniform

Uplevel your random assortment of storage with uniform storage bins made from natural materials. These cotton canvas Storage Cubes have a label window, making it easy to locate belts, scarves, and other accessories at a glance.

Ditch the Excess Hangers

Want to know the quickest, easiest way to create space in your closet? Pull out all of your excess hangers. You can donate them, or stow them in a tote, or labeled bin in the back of your closet. Bonus: Want your closet to look like a well curated boutique? Pick ONE style and color of hanger for your entire wardrobe.

Take a few minutes to give a quick clean and wipe down your closet shelves

The Quick Clean

Closets can collect a lot of dust, especially when items aren’t being frequently worn. Spare yourself the deep clean, and take a few minutes to wipe down your shelves with one cleaner that works across surfaces. This Surface Cleaner from The Laundress from works on everything from finished wood to stainless steel to granite meaning one less bottle under your sink. This little brush is perfect for refreshing shoes, handbags, and hard to reach corners. Check you later, dust.

Challenge yourself to try even one of these mini-makeover challenges each week, and I promise you’ll start to feel better about your space. Remember: A little progress is still progress, and sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

Happy to partner with The Laundress on this post. Use code SHIRA25 to treat yourself to 25% off cleaning, laundry, and home organizing products. Happy cleaning! 

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