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A Fresh Start in A New Home

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My family is preparing for a move next month and my stuff is seriously stressing me out.

I thought I was a minimalist but can see I have some real work ahead to own that title.
The amount of time I am dedicating every day to sorting, selling, donating, cleaning and organizing has further convinced me that living with less is the way to go.
I keep imagining all the stuff I could be doing if I wasn’t dealing in some way or another with my belongings…
Relaxing with my family, reading, getting a pedicure, taking a hike, cooking a meal. This thought inspires me to take this as an opportunity to re-evaluate my things and start fresh with my new home.  Just as I do with my clients, I am taking it one space at a time, and I am starting to feel some relief. Little projects are so satisfying to accomplish and the more I do the more fired up I am to streamline even more.
With just one hour a day of focused work, you can change the way you live. How will you simplify your life and your space this Spring?

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One comment on “A Fresh Start in A New Home

  1. Congratulations on your new home! We, too, moved recently and did a major stuff purge. Almost everyone who comes over smiles and says something like “I love how open/light/simple this is!”. I believe there is more than politeness at play.

    Inspired by a couple of husbands I know (one being mine), I would like to propose a topic for a future blog:

    How to gracefully inspire your roomate/partner to simplify?

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