A Simple Bedroom Makeover

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When it comes to furniture layout, my bedroom has been a bit of a puzzle to figure out (so many doors and windows!). After years of sleeping in the corner next to a wall, I woke up one morning and decided it was NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE. I liked feeling cozy in a corner nook, so claustrophobia was not the issue. My motivation for change was that without a nightstand or reading light beside me I had completely stopped reading. No good. I also didn’t love that I had to haul myself out of bed by launching my body over Jordan instead of just stepping out with ease.

Before: This was the old layout of the room. You can see how the bed didn’t block any windows, but we were only able to fit one nightstand and a single reading light with this configuration.


Before: Our dresser and tv were set up across the room on the only wall that didn’t have any windows or doors.

living room

Jordan was game to mix things up (he didn’t want to sleep in the corner either), so we decided to embark on a little bedroom refresh for the new year. The big reveal and my easy makeover tips are straight ahead!

Step One: Clarify the Goals

My big goal for this bedroom refresh was simply to rearrange the room in a way that allowed both Jordan and I to have nightstands and reading lights without blocking any doors or windows. If you’re embarking on your own space makeover, make sure to clarify your specific goals before you dive in. Do you want to improve the functionality of your space or just refresh the furniture or decor? Jot down notes so you can stay on track.


Step Two: Work with What You’ve Got

After hauling furniture around in circles until both our backs almost went out, we called my friend, Mikhael, who happens to be a super talented stylist and design whiz. She helped us work with the furniture we already owned and reconfigure the room so that the bed was anchored against our only wall without doors or windows, and we moved the dresser to the adjacent wall, closer to the closet. For full transparency, Jordan had suggested the same arrangement years ago, when we first switched to give the kids their own rooms, and I had insisted it wouldn’t work. Fine, Jordan, you were right. Sometimes you just need a second opinion from a stylish friend, am I right?

bedroom reveal

Step Three: Let Go of What You Don’t Need

Once we had arrived at a new layout for the room, we realized we needed to part ways with our massive nightstand, as well as a large loveseat that we loved, but had never quite fit in our small room. I typically donate items that we don’t need to friends or neighbors, but since both items were in pristine condition, I was able to easily list and sell them online. Selling or donating furniture that you don’t need is a great way to clear space and transform your home without spending a dime.

Step Three: Fill in the Gaps

To complete the makeover, I decided to add some simple linen curtains, a set of small matching nightstands that Mikhael recommended, and two plug-in wall sconces for nighttime reading. We used the money we had made selling the nightstand and loveseat towards our new purchases, and we also hired a technician to move our television to the opposite wall (yes, we have a tv in our bedroom, don’t judge). We also repurposed an upholstered bench we already owned which matched our bed frame perfectly.

bedroom makeover

I’m thrilled with how the new room looks and feels, and most importantly, I’ve started reading and writing again before bed. This simple makeover didn’t require a lot of time, money, or energy, but has had a major impact on my day to day life.

Bonus: Now that I’m not sleeping pressed against a wall anymore, I’ve become fond of randomly yelling “NOBODY PUTS BABY IN A CORNER!” Dirty dancing reference, anyone?

bedroom makeover

The moral of the story is that your home should help facilitate the activities that you value most. For me that means a bedroom set up where I can easily read and write before bed. What activities do you crave or want to do more of this year? How can your home help support those goals?

Photography Credit: Vivian Johnson

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Upholstered Bed / Nightstands / Wall Sconces / Linen Curtains / Flip Clock / Pom Pom Wool Blanket / Pendant Light / Art / Round Mirror

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