My 10-Day Bathroom Transformation Revealed!

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Our super speedy bathroom renovation was prompted when our daughter, Chloe, accidentally broke our medicine cabinet and sink console one night. We had never loved the aesthetics of the bathroom so we took it as an opportunity to switch out the tile, lighting, and other elements we had never cared for at the same time. Here is a photo of our bathroom BEFORE the transformation.

Before photo of a bathroom remodel. Find out what the after photo of this bathroom remodel looks like on Shira Gill Home.

As you can see, the sink console had minimal storage and the tile had seen better days. Our goal was to maximize storage and update all of the other elements without spending a fortune.

Since our 100-year old home only has one bathroom, time was of the essence!

After a quick consult call with my brilliant designer friend, Carly, several mad dashes (with sick kids in the car!) to IKEA and our local tile store, and a speedy install from my amazing contractor, we ended up with a fresh and functional transformed space. This is the updated bathroom AFTER:

The after photo of a 10 day bathroom remodel by Shira Gill. Find out how you can update your bathroom spaces with a home remodel.


We love how crisp and clean it turned out and I especially love the deep storage drawers for stocking paper products, toothbrushes and toiletries. I am also majorly smitten with the schoolhouse hooks we bought which are great for hanging towels, robes, and my new shower cap!

Hooks in bathrooms are great tools to help organize. Check out how to remodel your bathroom in 10 days with these tips from Shira Gill Home.

If you are hoping to knock out a budget-friendly renovation with a quick time frame, here are my top three tips:

Shop Local

We were able to purchase the sink, console, and faucet from IKEA in a single day and pick up subway tile from our local tile store. The floor tile from Cle Tile was in stock and was shipped out to us immediately. Because we were able to gather all of the supplies ourselves, the contractor was able to dive in and complete the install in record time. A huge relief since we all share this one tiny bathroom!

Consult with an Expert

I have clear ideas when it comes to design but would never have known where to get the best tile, how big the shower storage nooks should be, or what dimensions my sink console should be. A consult call with designer Carly Waters helped me clarify and refine my vision and made the whole design process quick and painless. She also gets a huge shout out for helping me choose the graphic black and white floor tile which anchored the rest of the design.

Keep It Simple

It’s easy to get bogged down by all the choices out there (tile, fixtures, lights, etc.) so it’s best to constrain your options by selecting a few colors and a few places to shop. Once we pulled the trigger on the black and white floor tile, it was easy to stick to a black and white theme which greatly limited options for the remaining elements and made shopping much more efficient.

Want to see more? I recently shared the full makeover story over at My Domaine. Click here to get the full scoop and see more photos from the transformation!

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