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Bed Styling Tutorial w/ Vintage Rug Shop

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Beds take up the most visual square footage of your bedroom, so if you want to up-level your bedroom, it makes sense to start with your bed. Polished bed, polished room I say!

If you want to up-level your bedroom, start with your bed!

I had been wanting to update my bedding for a while, but felt stumped about how to pull it all together in a way that felt cozy, cohesive, and stylish. When I was introduced to Brittany, talented founder of Britt Interiors and The Vintage Rug Shop, I was not shy about asking her for help.

Lucky for all of us, Brittany was up for the challenge, and agreed to collaborate on a bedroom refresh using the gorgeous textiles from her online shop. Below is a photo of my bedroom before the makeover. I always love a clean, minimal look, so my goal was to keep it simple, but create a bed that felt more cozy, layered, and pulled together.

The goal for this bed styling is to keep it simple, but create a bed that feels more cozy, layered, and pulled together.

Here are Brittany’s top tips for quickly transforming your bed from drab to fab:

Employ the Power of Layering

It’s all about volume, People! Brittany suggested we double up the white standard pillows to create some height in the back, and then stack accent pillows two to three layers deep for a full, layered look. Now instead of the bed being primarily white, it’s divided into sections and feels more balanced and visually interesting.

Add more pillows and employ the power of layering for your bed!

Think Outside the Color Texture Box

Brittany encouraged me to experiment with new color and pattern combinations and step outside of my comfort zone when it came to choosing new bedding accents. Since I already had a solid base composed of the white duvet and pillows, we tried out lots of different options to see what worked best. I ended up picking textiles I wasn’t initially drawn to (color!) because they warmed up the space and balanced all of the white.

Bonus Tip – Try experimenting with lots of different colors and patterns. Take pictures to help compare styles and looks. Return what you don’t use.

Add an Accent Blanket

Want your bed to feel cozy and inviting? Add an oversized throw blanket at the foot of the bed. Brittany draped this queen-sized Moroccan throw across the foot of the bed lengthwise and then tucked it neatly at the base to secure it and create polished look. Adding an accent blanket at the foot of your bed helps create an inviting, layered look that’s proportionally balanced.  

Adding an oversized throw blanket makes your bed look cozy and inviting.

Could your bed use a little styling refresher?

Here’s the recipe we used for my bedding makeover:

1x Queen Duvet (I owned)

6x Stacked Standard Pillows (I owned)

2x 22″ Decorative Pillows

1x 16 x 24 Lumbar Pillow 

1x Queen Moroccan Blanket

The after! Exactly the polished look I was craving!

In addition to the bedding basics I already owned, I added three decorative pillows and the blanket from Brittany’s shop. I’m obsessed with all of her one-of-a-kind finds, and I love how they help create a curated, designer aesthetic. Finally, the polished look I was craving!

Play around with layering pillows and blankets you already own to achieve a similar look.

If you’re looking for a quick but high-impact makeover, check out her gorgeous shop and/or play around with layering pillows and blankets you already own to achieve a similar look.

Thank you, Brittany, for all the tips, and Vivian Johnson, who snapped the images.

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6 comments on “Bed Styling Tutorial w/ Vintage Rug Shop

  1. Hi Shira, your bedroom looks lovely! And so do you! Do you mind my asking what brand tee shirt and jeans you are wearing..? Happy New a Year to you and yours!

  2. My mother was a nurse before she got married, so sheets were always ironed and tucked in with hospital corners. I always feel like I have control over my life when I have time to press the sheets when I change the bed. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s luxurious when it does. I am not a fan of duvets — I prefer a quilt that holds its shape and stays flat overnight. And that’s more thought than I have ever given to making the bed!

  3. I love this, as I love all your posts– they are a beacon of hope and achievable inspiration in an overwhelming and tiny San Francisco house!! For me, a barrier to throw pillows on the bed is what to do with them at night. (Our bedroom is very compact, so I don’t really have room for a bench to put them on- same problem in guest room). Suggestions? Thank you again for your wonderful blog

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