Before/After: Craft Room

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I wanted to give a little peek into the process I use with my clients, and thought a before/after series would be a fun addition to the blog. Many of my clients don’t want me to share pictures of their home and, of course, I need to respect their need for privacy. But whenever someone is open to sharing their project, I will be sure to post for you!

The Project: My client, Julie, called me because her sewing and craft room had turned into a bit of a dumping ground for other household items and projects, and she was feeling overwhelmed. Her goal was to create a functional, organized room with a space to sew, an area for easy grab and go storage and a lounge area for kids and friends.

Below are pictures of how I found the workspace when I arrived:



The Process: I could instantly see great potential. The craft room was large and sunny, and there was a nice sized storage closet with shelving built in. The challenge was that in addition to a good amount of clutter, I felt that there was too much furniture crowding the space, and I wanted to define different zones within the room. Julie likes to work independently, but also wanted to have a space for her kids to do art projects and for friends to gather for craft nights.

So, before we began tackling the contents of the room, we rearranged (or eliminated) most of the furniture. Just by switching the placement, we were able to create a workspace with a sewing table, a lounge area with a couch, and a storage area in the closet.

Now that we had some breathing room, we sorted everything  into categories. I created a large bag for items that needed to be relocated, and another for items that needed to be donated. We sorted all of the “keepers” by category, i.e sewing supplies, fabric, kid art, etc. We repurposed Julie’s own bins and baskets to store all of the fabric and supplies neatly in the closet so she could easily grab what she needed.

Below is the storage closet after we edited and reorganized the room:

photo 2

And here is the new clean and clear sewing table!

photo 3-1

This entire process only took us three hours! The final step was to add a large, cozy rug to define the lounge area and create an inviting spot for friends and little ones to gather. The best part is that the only thing we needed to buy for this makeover was a rug – everything else was achieved simply by editing, repurposing, and rearranging. Now, instead of feeling ashamed of her space, Julie is excited to host friends and family in her comfy and organized craft room.

photo 1

Pretty fun, huh? Do you need help transforming a space in your home? Get in touch, I would love to help!

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