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Before/After: Medicine Cabinet

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This fun makeover took a mere thirty minutes and is easy for you to recreate in your own home!

Here is the medicine cabinet before – Look familiar? It’s somewhat functional but overcrowded and full of things that don’t need to be stored here:


The first step is to remove all of the contents and wipe down the surfaces. I like to take everything out and start totally fresh, so we placed everything in a pile on the carpet.


Step two: A quick edit to throw out things that are old or expired. Next, I sorted the items into piles by category: First-aid, beauty, dental hygiene, etc.


I relocated the items that didn’t need to be in the medicine cabinet to labeled baskets in the linen closet, and kept only the favorite items and daily essentials.


I used a few drinking glasses to store the scissors, toothpaste etc. and a tea cup to tuck away medication and creams. I also added a little wooden dish to hold a watch or jewelry during showers, a scented candle, and a clock to keep everyone on time in the morning.

So quick and easy, and much nicer to look at, no?

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