Marin Country Mart

Ever since I left LA, I have been praying that the owners of the beloved Brentwood Country Mart would expand to Northern California. I finally got over to scope out the Marin Country Mart today and was thrilled with what I discovered! A sweet collection of boutiques is coming together and I was told that Three Twins Ice Cream and Cowgirl Creamery were signed on to join shortly. Check out the calendar of events for family friendly events including live music, outdoor movies and ponies rides for the kids.

First stop was Poppy Store which was one of the most charming well-edited selections of baby and kids clothing and accessories I have ever seen. Bonus points for the glass jars of bright candies and gorgeous art propped against the back shelves.

Next, I visited Malia Mills which had a lovely (yet pricey) collection of clothing. As I browsed around I became more than a little smitten with this lamp which I tracked down at West Elm!

On my way back to my car I took a gander at Berry Bliss yogurt and fell in love with their tart plain flavor with fresh raspberries. A close second to So Cal’s Pinkberry. So happy to have a little taste of LA here in the Bay!

The Nagging Task

Inspired by The Happiness Project I decided to make a list of my own nagging tasks and am in the process of checking them off. I find that once you have created your list it’s crucial to book each task in your calendar so you can forget about it but know you have allotted the necessary time to take care of business. These annoying tasks and projects can feel so stressful and distracting when ignored but I have always been surprised how quickly they can be completed when I knock them off one at a time.

My Task List:

Nagging Task #1 = Life documents: Gather all important documents together, make an itemized list and store in a safe deposit box.

Nagging Task #2 = Assemble an emergency kit for the home

Nagging Task #3 = Service the Car

Nagging Task #5 = Deep Clean the House

Nagging Task #6 = Schedule Annual Dr and Dentist Appointments

Nagging Task # 7 = Refrigerator Clean-Out (Stock with only healthy foods)

Nagging Task #8 = Start A Blog

Nagging Task #9 = Make A Simple Family Recipe Book

Nagging Task #10 = Start a Vacation Fund/ Plan a Vacation

~Make your own list, give yourself a deadline and book each item in your agenda! Such a drag to do but what a relief when you are done! (And these items never take as long as you think they will!) What nagging task can you conquer this week? ~

Uniform Chic

Loving the look of uniform items all in a row. I always encourage my clients to pick a style and color they like when purchasing storage containers or hangers because it creates the illusion of instant organization. These open canvas bins are perfect for storing all sorts of things. I like them for linens, crafts, office supplies or children’s toys.

Huggable Hangers maximize closet space and create a sleek, uniform look.

Open Cabinets

Inspired by a design magazine, my husband and I removed all of our kitchen cabinets and painted everything white. Since the cabinets are now open to the world we keep them clutter-free and organized by item type. The result is a clean, fresh look and makes all of our dishes and glassware super accessible ~ The best part is that the whole makeover was free!

The Responsible Splurge

My new policy:   Instead of having a whole collection of half used sub-par products I now only allow myself to buy one high quality product at a time. I used to buy tons of cheaper options but that just led to clutter and dissatisfaction. Since I have eliminated impulse shopping I allow myself to splurge on high quality and pricier options and actually save money.

A few faves:

William Sonoma Hand Soap in Grapefruit

Kiehls Creme de Corps

Jo Malone Candles

Chantecaille Lip Gloss

French Market Baskets

I love the look of these French Market Baskets. They can be used for practical purposes like trips to the Farmer’s Market or creatively in your home. I like to store throw pillows or blankets or even bathroom accessories like hairdryers and products in them.

Baby Prep

As many of you know, I have baby on the brain and am due this summer with my second little girl! As I am gearing up for chaos and sleepless nights I try to remember the things that saved me last time. I wanted to share these tips that made my life as a new mama sooooo much easier:

Pre-Baby Prep (To-do Before Baby Arrives!)

1.     Clean your house or hire a cleaner to do a deep clean.

2.     Stock up on paper goods, cleaning products and household necessities.

3.     Buy easy-to-grab treats and beverages: Cliff bars, trail mix, coconut water and energy drinks are new mama favorites.

4.     Clear the clutter! Everyone knows that babies require a lot of gear and gadgets. Try to slim down the rest of your house on clutter and chaos before the big event.

5.     Organize a dinner drop-off program with friends and family. ( is an excellent resource for this!

6.     Make sure your ducks are in a row: pediatrician and health care for baby, car seat installed, pre-register with the hospital, set up an emergency phone list.

7.     Line up any necessary support for the first month (cleaning service, food delivery, post-partum doula, lactation consultant, etc.)

8.     Pack your hospital bag with post-it reminders for any last minute additions (cell phone, wallet, ipod, etc.)

9.     Discuss with your partner how you will handle guests and visitors.

10. Schedule at least one day of pre-baby pampering and a date or mini vacation with your partner!