Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration

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I have always loved the idea of creating a capsule wardrobe full of simple, chic basics that mix and match easily. While I love style and fashion, I actually find the act of shopping quite draining. So, I was beyond thrilled to stumble upon the blog Un-fancywhich outlines exactly how to create and maintain your very own capsule collection.

The founder (and former shopaholic), Caroline, minimized her closet with the mission to “simplify her life and create more space, contentment and joy.”  Lucky for us, she carefully documents her process, her collections, resources and tips on the blog. Below are just a few of my favorite looks from her capsule wardrobe:





I am so inspired, and can’t wait to get started creating my own mini collection. Check out the many benefits to living with less below and join me, won’t you?

redefine your style / gain confidence / enjoy a clutter-free closet/ get dressed with ease / save money /create space for what you love

Of course the first step to creating a “lean closet” is assessing and editing what you currently own. If you live in the SF Bay Area and need help with your own closet makeover, contact me at inquiries@shiragill.com. I will help you edit, organize and style your closet in a single half day session!

photo credit: all pics from the un-fancy blog



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