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Car Kit

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Car clutter makes me crazy.

The family and I just got back from a road trip and the whole way I kept muttering to myself about wanting a trash can for the car while my husband rolled his eyes.

I can’t stand driving around in a car filled with water bottles, trash, diapers and take out containers. Bleh.

Secondly, I am a minimalist to the extreme which means I never seem to have anything useful when I am out with kids.

So, now that we are back I am on “Mission Car Kit”!

First, I took a quick inventory of the items I thought would be most useful to us in the car: Some sort of trash receptacle, diapers, baby wipes, tissues, kid snacks and a few board books and toys for the little ones. I decided to throw in some sunscreen and a mini first aid kit just to feel like Super Mom.

Next, I needed to find the appropriate vessel.

Here are a few options I liked:

Container Store Open Canvas Bins: Great for storing everything under the sun and can fit on the floor of any car.

Container Store Rugby Stripe Bins: Ditto and I like the stripes and rope handles!

In the end I opted for a simple bin from Target that felt like the right size. I filled it up with our supplies and stashed it on the floor behind the passenger seat. I also made sure to throw some tissues and baby wipes in my glove compartment for easy access. The final step was conquering the trash issue. Even though I adore this Car Litter Bag by Mod Mobile, I ended up with a tiny pail which fit perfectly in our front console. Perfect for wrappers and tissues.

Check out the finished product below!

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