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It’s Workin’ For Us: Toy Storage

I am excited to introduce my new series “It’s Workin’ For Us!” where I will give a little peek into my life and home, highlighting organization, storage and decor ideas that are working for my family. My two-year old, Chloe, is a big fan of imaginative play and I wanted to create a system where… Read more »

Recycling Storage

Recently, my friend, Sierra, turned me on to the idea of a large tote-style bag for recycling storage. I loved the idea because they are cuter than your typical garbage bins, but also handy and practical for taking outside. Esschert Design Umbra Crunch Bag Newspaper Bags How do you recycle?

Hable Construction

I have a new love. It’s pretty intense. I have just discovered the incredible storage options from Hable Construction and someone seriously needs to hold me back. Restrain me!! Laundry storage, stuffed animals, blankets, toys…the possibilities are endless! See below for a few of my favorites: ~ Have a favorite storage product? Share, please!

Zip Pouches

A friend recently asked me to write about storage ideas for tiny toys and loose game pieces. Although many people favor clear, labeled boxes, I am a sucker for zip pouches. Blick mesh zipper bags are great because they are so durable and can lean against each other on a shelf without collapsing. We use… Read more »

Use Your Resources

It is hard to ask for help.  Now that I have two young children and a business of my own, I have been forced to get over myself and ask the people around me for help and support whenever possible. I have learned that people actually like sharing their talents and skills and being helpful!… Read more »

Holiday Gift Overload!

So, we got through the holidays but now what can we do with all of this stuff?! One of the most common issues I run into with my clients, and in my own life, is how to handle the overflow of kid stuff. We all want our kids to have a stimulating array of books… Read more »

DIY Holiday Card Display

Usually, I am a jerk and recycle our holiday cards right away. This year, I thought it would be nicer to create a simple display that our little ones could look at. This is what I came up with: Here is what I did: I used a tack to secure a pretty cloth ribbon to… Read more »

The Daily Docket

OK, Folks. I admit it. Having a toddler and a newborn is no joke and I am a bit in over my head with managing it all gracefully. Between all of my family obligations and running my own business I recently  found myself swamped with non-stop plans and activity and needed a new system to… Read more »

Donation + Return Baskets

The way I live there is a tremendous amount of stuff coming in and out of my house. I like to shop but I am a minimalist so I am always selling, donating, returning and exchanging stuff. Whew! I wanted a simple system to keep it all straight and decided to use these stylish and… Read more »

Handbag Storage

Recently, my good friend, Sierra, asked me to do a post on handbag storage. Bag storage is challenging because women love to switch bags and rotate the contents, and also need a good place to store the one in use. They usually end up in a huge pile in the closet or draped over random… Read more »