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Project 333: Update and Pics!

I’ve been working hard at editing my closet to the essentials. I have donated a lot, given things to friends and sold the nicer stuff. And, for full disclosure, I have bought a few blouses and a few pairs of shoes and then forced myself to get rid of more so I could stay at […]

More! Less!

I’m making a list of resolutions even though it’s not the new year yet…cause why wait for January? Less: Shopping, returning, exchanging, consuming, rushing. More: Reading, cooking, playing, exploring, traveling, relaxing. What’s on your list this year? photo credit: Shira Gill at Erica Tanov, Berkeley    

Project 333 – Let the games begin!

OK. People may doubt my ability to live with 33 items in my closet for 3 months but here’s why I think I can succeed: 1. I probably only wear about 33 things anyway – It just feels comforting to see more options. 2. Shoes are my weakness so I have selected 6 pairs, but […]

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