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5 Ways To Avoid The Holiday Madness

My kids are still sorting their Halloween candy, yet everywhere we go, we see Christmas decor and major pressure to buy buy BUY! Here are a few ideas to help you keep your cool during this frenetic time: 1. Avoid the stores. That’s right. Just don’t go in. Especially on the dreaded Black Friday when you will […]

How to De-clutter Any Room

1. Set a timer for whatever block of time you can dedicate to this task. I suggest between 30 minutes and two hours. 2. Set up recycling, trash and a few large bags or boxes for donations. Also set up an area for items that need to be relocated later. 3. Pick one room or […]

How to Organize Your Closet

If you are looking to organize your closet, follow these simple steps and whip it into shape! 1. Edit edit edit! My number one tip for any organization project. 2. Group items into categories – i.e jeans together, sweaters together, handbags together. 3. Store the following items (grouped together in categories) in a dresser or […]

What Do I Do With This?

Quick Tip: When I am helping clients edit and organize their belongings, inevitably we will stumble upon something that doesn’t have a clear home – A library book that needs to be returned, a birthday present for a party next week, a shirt that needs to be returned. I suggest setting up a large bin […]

Less Stuff, Better Stuff

When you buy less stuff, you can buy better stuff! These days, I am loving all of the pretty packaging and subtle natural scents from Malin + Goetz.  

Project 333: Update and Pics!

I’ve been working hard at editing my closet to the essentials. I have donated a lot, given things to friends and sold the nicer stuff. And, for full disclosure, I have bought a few blouses and a few pairs of shoes and then forced myself to get rid of more so I could stay at […]

More! Less!

I’m making a list of resolutions even though it’s not the new year yet…cause why wait for January? Less: Shopping, returning, exchanging, consuming, rushing. More: Reading, cooking, playing, exploring, traveling, relaxing. What’s on your list this year? photo credit: Shira Gill at Erica Tanov, Berkeley    

Project 333 – Let the games begin!

OK. People may doubt my ability to live with 33 items in my closet for 3 months but here’s why I think I can succeed: 1. I probably only wear about 33 things anyway – It just feels comforting to see more options. 2. Shoes are my weakness so I have selected 6 pairs, but […]

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