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Nightstand Styling

Is your nightstand covered in stacks of books, mail, and bills? Or perhaps it is littered with old snacks and kid toys? This little surface deserves a makeover! It is commonly said that making the bed sets the tone for the day. I would like to add that a streamlined, stylish nightstand invites you to […]

Work Happier

It’s been home office makeover week here at Shira Gill Home! If you currently dread sitting down at your cluttered desk, treat yourself to an office refresh with this simple process I use with my clients: *Clear all clutter from your desk surface and drawers. *Immediately, shred or recycle outdated papers and dispose of any […]

Letting Go of Clutter When it Feels Hard

If you truly want less clutter in your home, but feel overwhelmed or resistant to parting with your stuff, you may simply be focusing on the wrong questions as you assess each item.  Unhelpful Questions: Could this be useful one day? Did someone give this to me? Did I pay a lot of money for this item? These […]

Glassware Intervention

It’s time to get honest about mugs and glassware. Do you have dozens more than you could ever use? Are you holding onto mismatched mugs from college and chipped glasses? You are not alone! I am consistently blown away by the volume of glassware cluttering up my clients’ kitchens. Here’s what I suggest: Find a […]

Romper Roundup

I’ve never been much of a dress girl but I love the simplicity and versatility of a one-piece uniform. Enter….the romper! Such a perfect investment for a capsule wardrobe. Ilana Kohn Black Crane Current/Elliott Rompers are perfect for warm summer days, and can easily be dressed up for events or evenings out. I prefer mine with […]

Toy Storage 101

I do my best to keep our home streamlined and minimal but between birthdays, holidays etc. there is a steady flow of stuff entering our home. Here’s how we handle toy storage and organization in our home: Invest in Timeless Items: Magna tiles, wooden blocks, Legos, board games and art supplies provide hours of creative play and never go […]

Spring Pick: Leather Mats by Gathre

I stumbled upon these lovely leather mats from Gathre today and was instantly smitten with the dreamy colors (mint, blush and and multi-use functionality . The wipeable (and waterproof) leather mats come in all different sizes from micro to maxi and can be used for anything from a diaper mat to a picnic or beach blanket. I’ve got […]

Why You Should Know About The French 5-Piece Wardrobe

Capsule or  “mini wardrobes” are all the rage right now, but they are not for everyone. A capsule wardrobe is defined as a mini wardrobe, generally composed of around 30 versatile items, that you love to wear. I have experimented with creating my own and I have loved how easy it is to get dressed, […]

How to Create a Simple, Functional Family Entry

Raise your hand if you are tired of jackets, shoes and backpacks strewn all over your home! In the San Francisco Bay Area, where I live, many homes are over 100 years old and were built with limited storage and without an entry closet. This makes it especially challenging since  you are often entering directly […]

Capsule Wardrobe For Kids!

I’ve been really loving the benefits of living with a capsule wardrobe. This process has challenged me to rethink my personal style, decide how I want to present myself to the world, and invest in pieces that I know I will use and love now. Having less also results in less laundry, cleaning and organizing. Over the […]

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