Collaboration with Milkwood Design

So excited to announce my first product collaboration with Mandy, from Milkwood Design. A few months ago Mandy made me this beautiful custom cork board for my home office. I use it to post reminders, inspiration and art from my little ladies. We are now offering a limited number for clients in the SF Bay […]

Paperwork Organization: Simplified

Paperwork organization seems to be one of the most daunting tasks when it comes to home organization. I wanted to create an easy plan you can use to clear the clutter and stay on top of your papers once and for all! Step One: Gather all the loose papers from your home together. This should include current […]

Things You Can (and Should) Say No To

Just because something is free doesn’t mean you have to take it. In fact, when you do take something into your home it is then yours to store, clean, organize etc. Here is my list of things you should politely decline: 1. Taking swag from conferences and workshops. Do you really need a new binder, computer […]

Inspiration from The Joy of Less

Have you read The Joy of Less by Francine Jay? It has to be one of my all time favorite guides on how to declutter, organize and simplify your life. She illuminates brilliantly the freedom and possibility that opens up as a result of choosing a minimalist lifestyle: “Each extraneous thing you eliminate from your life […]

Clarifying Questions to Help You Clear Clutter

As you try to clean out a space in your home, you may find yourself stuck, as I did recently. I was reorganizing my linen closet and came across some beautiful designer pillowcases I had bought about a year ago. They were expensive and pretty but I never used them. The truth is, they didn’t ever really […]

Shelf Styling

A lot of my clients have been asking me recently for help styling open shelves. Here are a few tips to get you started: 1. Edit like crazy! Open shelves are not the place for shoving papers or random items you don’t know what to do with. 2. Group similar items together – i.e stacks […]

Switching Bags, Simplified

Here’s a simple trick I love: Put all of your everyday essentials in a large zip pouch and when you need to switch handbags you can just pop the whole pouch in. Of course, streamlining what you tote around with you helps as well. I keep it pretty minimal –  iphone, wallet, keys and favorite […]

Amber Interiors Shoppe

You know how my philosophy is to eliminate clutter and then furnish your home with a few super, special things?  Well, the Shoppe by designer Amber Interiors has recently launched with some real beauties for you. The best part is you can get inspired by the gorgeous interiors on her site and then snatch up […]

Interior Inspiration

Just wanted to share this lovely image courtesy of Bliss Blog to brighten up your day! I love how the everyday essentials are styled so beautifully against the crisp white background. I might need to rearrange my bathroom now…

Before/After: Medicine Cabinet

This fun makeover took a mere thirty minutes and is easy for you to recreate in your own home! Here is the medicine cabinet before – Look familiar? It’s somewhat functional but overcrowded and full of things that don’t need to be stored here: The first step is to remove all of the contents and […]

5 Transformative Habits

Small tasks with big results. Five minutes and five days to kick-start a new you.

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