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Client Success Story

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I have to admit that when I founded the Virtual Closet Makeover Program I was a little nervous. I wanted to make sure that people would get the same results they achieved when they worked with me one-on-one, and I wondered if it was possible using a virtual format.

A Client Success Story after The Virtual Closet Makeover Program

The incredible thing I’ve learned is that armed with the right tools and structure, not only can people get the same kind of dramatic results, they have the opportunity to more freely explore and express their own unique style and preferences without external influence, and they can get the exact results they have been envisioning.

I’ve been blown away by the transformations I’ve seen and I’m so excited to share another client success story with you – meet Stephanie!

A Client Success Story by Shira Gill Home

Stephanie is the CEO of The Cleveland Flea and a business coach for female founders. On to the Q & A!


I signed up because I wanted to create a personal style that felt more like me, get rid of all the items that weren’t making me feel great about myself, and build a wardrobe that more closely aligns with my values.

This is Stephanie’s closet before:

Stephanie's closet before The Virtual Closet Makeover Program


I needed to find a program that felt less like a program and more like hanging out with a fashionable and organized friend. My goal was to totally reorganize my closet – quickly. I tend to want to do something all in one day, but that hadn’t been successful. In the end, the six weeks went by a lot faster than I had originally believed they would and I got the results I was after.

Organizing jewelry by Shira Gill Home

The program was super helpful in keeping me from getting caught up in any drama with what to keep and what to get rid of. I have a lot of beautiful things but they were being crowded out by all the other stuff that didn’t really fit in. As I shed the extra volume, a new, refined personal style emerged that felt elevated and still authentically me. I was also really excited about the design process towards the end, where I got to transform my closet into a beautiful space that feels like my own private boutique.

Here is Stephanie’s closet after:

Stephanie's closet after The Virtual Closet Makeover Program

Yes, she’s crafty, she’s handy, and she made and installed those shoe shelves on her own! Sooooo good, right? But, wait, there’s more…

A closet makeover success story by Shira Gill Home


I am really proud of myself every morning when I walk into my closet. My space now serves as a daily reminder of my personal style, my dedication to staying streamlined, and the work I put in to get here.

A closet makeover success story by Shira Gill Home


Tackling the closet has lead me to other projects, like my home office, my digital world, my company headquarters, and more. The Shira Gill method is magic!

Organizing accessories by Shira Gill Home

So fun! Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing your lovely closet with us. If you’re ready for your own closet transformation, the Virtual Closet Makeover Program starts May 6th and this will be the last launch of 2019!! CLICK HERE to grab your spot and join the fun.

What will your after photos look like?

Images: Heidi Rolf

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One comment on “Client Success Story

  1. What an inspiring article! I never thought of minimizing my closet to clarify my personal style, but now I totally understand! Shira, I love so many of the clothing pieces you photograph. Where are your favorite places to shop?

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