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Client Success Story

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This is a fun one, so get ready! I’m so excited to introduce you to, Tanya Monaghan. She’s a California girl who was born in South Africa. She is now based in LA, juggling a busy life as a mother, a style influencer, and deputy editor of an LA based magazine. 

Tanya Monaghan, style influencer, was one of the first people to sign up for the Virtual Closet Makeover Program.

She was one of the first people to sign up for the Virtual Closet Makeover Program, and when she sent me her before/after images, I may have actually squealed with delight.

Read on for her candid Q and A and jaw dropping before/after pics:

Q. Why did you sign up for the Virtual Closet Makeover Program?

I signed up for the program because as a style influencer I accumulate a lot of merchandise which makes it really hard to keep things orderly. I was starting to feel claustrophobic in my closet and realized I needed a proper overhaul. It was important to me to do it myself, but I felt I also really needed the support and guidance of an expert to pull me through the tedious process.

Here is Tanya’s closet before:

Tanya Monaghan's closet before she completed the Virtual Closet Makeover Program.
Another angle of Tanya Monaghan's closet before she completed the Virtual Closet Makeover Program.

Holy crowded closet, Batman! Clearly, Tanya loves clothes, but the sheer volume she owned made her feel like she was drowning. She was ready for a major “closet make-under” and a lifestyle shift. Hold onto your hats – very impressive “After” photos coming right up!

Here is what Tanya’s closet looks like after taking the Virtual Closet Makeover Program:

Tanya's closet after taking the Virtual Closet Makeover Program.
Tanya's closet after taking the Virtual Closet Makeover Program.

Incredible, right? What I love most about this transformation is that Tanya can now actually see and access each item in her wardrobe. Everything is beautifully displayed and folded with care which makes it easy and efficient to get dressed and run out the door!

Q. Did you have to invest in a whole new closet system for this incredible transformation?

No! I just invested in some slim velvet hangers to keep uniformity, and I purchased some jewelry storage, and two chests of drawers, which I got from Target and assembled myself. 

Tanya's accessories organized so neatly after taking the Virtual Closet Makeover Program.

Q. How did you find time for all of the hands-on-work?

Juggling life with three active kids and a career made it easy to put off dealing with the growing mess in my closet. Part of the appeal of doing Shira’s course was that I could complete my clean out a little bit at a time, by blocking out chunks of time in my calendar when I had a lighter work load.  I stuck to these scheduled appointments as if it were part of my job, and I was done with the whole project in about a month. Working this way made it super manageable and stress-free, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

I went through my closet with the goal to simplify and purge, but I didn’t have the time or energy to sell each piece I was getting rid of on eBay. I decided to donate most of my clothing to organizations serving those affected by the Malibu fires. It was right before the holiday season, and it felt really good to give to others in need.

Tanya's shoes organized after taking the Virtual Closet Makeover Program.

Q. What has been the greatest benefit of streamlining your closet?

There are so many benefits – I love knowing where everything is in my closet and being able to see everything I own at a glance. I’m excited and inspired when I walk into my closet now instead of feeling completely overwhelmed.

Another bonus is that I was also able to apply what I learned in the virtual program to other areas in my home. I have gone through literally every square inch of my house (every drawer and cupboard) and it feels amazing! I can now say I actually know where every single thing is located in our house. Everything has a designated place to go.

I’ve even been able to pass on what I learned to my family – the new set up encourages my kids to respect the space, keep it clean, and put everything back in its place. This has not just been a closet transformation but a total life transformation!

After taking the Virtual Closet Makeover Program, Tanya was also able to apply what she learned to other areas in her home.

Thank you so much for sharing, Tanya! You can visit Tanya on her site or on Instagram for more pics and style tips.

Ready for your own fresh start? Registration is open for the next Virtual Closet Makeover Program. CLICK HERE to get your spot!

Image Credit: Lauren Pressey Photography

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  1. I want my closet to look like this but I live in a place where we have 4 seasons. We can be 19 in the winter and 104 in the summer. What is the best way to approach this an have everything in one place?

    1. Hi Heidi! I suggest having two sections in your closet that you can rotate as well as a few seasonal bins. During the winter you would relocate the heavier coats, sweaters, etc. to the easy access areas of your closet and tuck the summer stuff away and vice versa. Make sense?

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