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Closet Makeover Project Part Two

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In my last post I talked about the steps I took to work towards creating a capsule wardrobe collection. I found that the most impactful steps were clearly defining my style and editing ruthlessly. After editing, I shopped for a few key pieces to fill in gaps and complete my wardrobe. I always like mixing high end and low end pieces so my collection includes splurges from my favorite boutiques as well as scores from H&M and Zara. The final step was to organize and style my closet with all of the items that made the cut. Ta-da!

 full closet

I know it’s quite monochromatic but I did add a bright blue shoe into the mix for a bold pop of color. Baby steps! Since my life and work call for a primarily casual wardrobe composed of jeans and tops, it was fairly straightforward to organize: Shoes on shoe shelves, jeans and pants folded neatly in stacks, and all tops hung on black huggable hangers for a streamlined look.

I keep workout gear, pjs, socks and underwear in my dresser and the few coats I own are on hooks by the front door. Since we live in California, I can get away with adding a scarf and hat in winter and swapping out my boots for sandals in the summer. I also put together a separate gym bag with sneakers and a tote stocked with my swimsuits, flip flops and a few cover-ups.


It’s only been a few days, but I am already loving my minimal closet. It is super efficient to get dressed, and I find that the constraints associated with living with less, force me to be more creative. Have you ever tried creating a capsule wardrobe? Would love to hear how it worked for you!

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4 comments on “Closet Makeover Project Part Two

    1. I sold and donated everything since I have limited storage space. I figure I can buy a few special things each season as needed to keep it fresh!

  1. This is so inspiring!!! I started my “edit” today, and am planning a clothing swap in a few weeks so friends can take advantage of my ruthless organizing! 🙂

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