Clutter-Free with Kids

Tired of managing the piles? I’ve got you.

Ready to create some breathing room for yourself and your family?

You’ve come to the right place. For the first time ever I’m teaching the complete process and toolkit I’ve used to help hundreds of families create and maintain family-friendly homes that feel spacious, stylish, and organized.

I’ll be sharing the exact systems you need to set up and the specific habit shifts you need to implement to completely transform your home into a place you actually want to spend time in – Yes, even if you’re busy and don’t think you have the time.

What if you could spend your free time actually enjoying your kids instead of just cleaning up after them?


Imagine having more time, energy, and freedom for the things that matter most…

The Clutter-Free with Kids Program is designed to help you shift your mindset, and give you the exact tools you need to transform your kids’ rooms and play spaces on your own timeframe and schedule. 

You’ll learn how to organize and maintain everything from toys, books, games, clothes, and mementos, and I’ll I’ll also share my simple systems and hacks for dealing with gifts, party favors, stuffed animals, and the tiny toys that get stuck between the couch cushions.

Clutter-free living with kids is easier than you think, and you can start feeling some relief today.

The clutter-free with kids program includes the following:

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Video Workshops

Instant access to 2x 60-min recorded workshops where I'll take you behind the scenes to share my favorite organizing hacks and resources.

Exclusive Program Cheat Sheets + Checklists

I'm breaking down all of the content into user-friendly cheat sheets, checklists, and worksheets so you can tackle the projects in bite sized doses, without all the overwhelm.

Bonus Resources

Don’t miss these fun extras! I’m including instant access to my Clutter-Free Gift Guide, my Curated Product Guide for timeless furniture, decor, toys, and apparel + more. Skip the research - I've done it for you!

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Thanks to Shira's fresh perspective and tips, our family has completely changed how we approach our relationship with our stuff and with each other. This program should be required for all parents!

— Jenny V.

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Why work with Shira

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Shira Gill Home merges principles of minimalism with life coaching, home organization, and interior styling.

These takeaways will change your life

  • Redefine and clarify your family values so you can make space for what matters most
  • Best practices for how to wrangle art, paper, treasures, tiny toys, and mementos
  • Learn my simple hacks for how to involve your kids in the editing + organizing process
  • My clutter-free gift ideas for holidays and birthday parties (you can give this one to all the relatives!)
  • My favorite simple + stylish storage solutions for toys, books, games, and clothes

Create more space, energy and time so you can actually enjoy the family you worked so hard to create!

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This program is about way more than editing and organizing toys, books, and games – It’s about shifting your perspective, reclaiming your time, and finding some breathing room and freedom for yourself, and your family.

You’re going to be shocked at how much lighter you feel and how much energy you free up for the things you care about most…

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the seemingly never ending influx of toys, games, and gadgets overtaking your home, this program is for you.

Take a Peek Inside!

Sneak peek inside the clutter free with kids program
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It is amazing how much working with Shira has done to boost the well being of everyone in the family. Even my kids keep saying how amazing it is to clean up in two minutes and go to sleep in an organized room. This literally was life changing!

— Noa

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All the messaging we get tells us that what we need to be happier is MORE. Learning that I could live a better and more fulfilling life by having LESS was truly transformative.

— Sashka R

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