1-1 Accountability Sessions

An 8-week intensive designed to help you clarify and implement your large and small goals.  Let’s talk about all the things.

The support and structure you need.

Ready to tackle a big project, work towards a personal or professional goal, or just get out of a mental rut? I’ll teach you the exact framework I’ve used successfully to double my income, book my dream press and creative collaborations, and land three consecutive book deals.

I’ll customize these 45-minute video sessions to help you gain clarity, identify next steps, and overcome the inevitable obstacles that will pop up along the way. Simplifying is my superpower. Let’s go!

1-1 expert advice:

As a certified coach and organizing expert, I’ve spent over a decade teaching thousands of people across the globe to overcome obstacles and make progress towards their large and small goals, and I’d love to help you.

These accountability sessions are designed as a fun and approachable way to keep you focused, motivated, and supported. We’re in this together.



What we can do together:


  • Clarify your most urgent and important goals
  • Design an actionable plan for you to follow
  • Learn concrete strategies to reach your small or large goals
  • Overcome obstacles, build resilience, and make yourself proud!
  • Build a toolkit of skills you can apply to any future  goal or project
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In a single session I felt like Shira completely rewired my brain. This was by far the most helpful and illuminating coaching experience I've ever had!

Emma B, Australia

Work with Shira

Expert advice curated for your needs

Investment: $1500

Package includes a bundle of (4) 45-minute coaching sessions via Zoom. These packages are limited and fill up fast. Click below to book your sessions and get the support you need. Can’t wait to meet you!

Client Testimonials

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Shira is like a life coach, therapist, organizer, and style guru rolled into one magical package. She helped me completely shift my mindset and take action on things I'd been stalling on for years. What a gift.

Chloe M, London

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