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1-1 Custom Consults

My custom consults are tailored to your exact needs. Let’s talk about all the things.

Ask me anything.

As a certified life coach and home organizing expert, I’ve spent over a decade teaching thousands of people across the globe to clear physical and mental clutter, and I’d love to help you.

These custom consults were designed as a fun and approachable way to work directly with me without investing in a long term package or program.

1-1 expert advice:

Ready to tackle a big project, simplify your schedule, or just get out of a mental rut? Maybe you want to launch your own creative business, write a book or start working towards a big personal goal?

I’ll customize this 60-minute video sessions to help you gain clarity, identify next steps, and answer all of your burning questions. Simplifying is my superpower. Let’s go!


What we can do together:


  • Solve organizing challenges in any area of your home or life
  • Learn specific strategies to help you launch a side hustle or lifestyle business
  • Get expert tips on pitching, writing, and publishing a book
  • Ask me anything and get clear, concrete answers and a concise action plan
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In a single session I felt like Shira completely rewired my brain! I don’t know what organizing fairy dust she transmitted over Zoom, but I was able to clean up my space in minutes without being overwhelmed.

Marsha B, New York

Work with Shira

Expert advice curated for your needs

Investment: $500 / 60-Minute 1:1 Session 

These spots are limited and fill up fast. Click below to book your session and get the support you need. Can’t wait to meet you!

Client Testimonials

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Shira is like a life coach, therapist, organizer, and style guru rolled into one magical package. She helped me completely shift my mindset and take action on things I'd been stalling on for years. What a gift.

Chloe M, London

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