A Cookware Capsule with Made In

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My brother makes fun of me for many things, but most of all he heckles me for the items in my kitchen – specifically my cookware. I can’t blame him. It is truly cringe worthy, and a point of shame that for some reason, I have never taken the initiative to replace.

Let me rewind: A few years ago, we traded out our non-stick pans for a cast-iron skillet (brother approved) and a handful of inexpensive pots and pans (brother rejected). Since then, they’ve become predictably chipped and discolored, and both my brother and my husband, who also loves to cook, don’t have nice things to say about them (or me for resisting replacing them since I seldom cook).

A Cookware Capsule with Made In

While I rarely (see: never) cook, I do care about stocking my home with high-quality items, so I finally broke down and asked my brother for his recommendations for cookware that was high quality (and cute) and wouldn’t break the bank. He suggested that I check out Made In, a line that is both chef-approved and easy on both the budget and the eyes.

A Cookware Capsule with Made In Cookware

First off, the entire line met my standards for aesthetics, and it didn’t hurt that they were ranked as the best stainless steel cookware set this year from Consumer Reports. We selected a customized set of four pieces that would cover all of our/my husband’s cooking needs – a small and medium frying pan, a 3.5 quart saute pan with lid, and a 2 quart saucepan. We also kept our cast iron skillet and a large stock pot that were still in good condition, to complete our capsule cookware collection.

A Cookware Capsule with Made In Cookware

I love how sleek and well-made the new cookware is, and Jordan and my brother now have to look for new reasons to make fun of me – so I count this as a win-win. Who knows – I may even be inspired to cook something other than mac and cheese…

A Cookware Capsule with Made In Cookware

A big thank you to Made In who gifted the products listed, and partnered with me on this post.

Image Credit: Vivian Johnson Photography

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