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Cute Little Shoes

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I find most children’s shoes to be overpriced and not terribly stylish.

I figure, if we are going to shell out a decent amount of money for shoes, they should at least be cute. (We only buy two pairs per child at a time since we would rather have a few quality pairs of shoes that the kids love and can wear to death).

So, I went on a hunt to track down some winners.

Here is what I came up with:

Native shoes are cute, comfy and even my two-year old can slip them on and off herself!

For the rain, Hunter boots are classic and sharp.

I always like Converse All Stars on little feet:

Superga sneakers are sturdy and adorable and come in an array of styles.

Toms is doing a line for wee ones that is hard to resist!

Finally, Salt-Water Sandals are the perfect cute summer staple and come in every color of the rainbow!


What are your favorite shoes for little ones?

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