How to Declutter Your Kitchen Counters

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Kitchen surfaces commonly become a dumping ground for mail, papers, and random household items. If you are eager to declutter your kitchen counters, follow the steps below to ensure you will banish the dreaded piles once and for all!

Clutter-free kitchen

Leave Out Only Daily Use Appliances

Take stock of which appliances you require on a regular basis and relocate the rest to a cabinet, pantry shelf, or storage area. Do you make coffee every day or start your morning with a smoothie? If so, then it makes sense to leave out the blender and coffee maker, but most likely the bulky Kitchen Aid or Slow Cooker can find a home in a new place.

Use Clutter as Information

Clutter offers us valuable information. Most often, clutter builds up when items don’t have an assigned home. If you find bills and mail all over your kitchen counters, create a new “home” for them by setting up a tray, basket or wall mounted pocket to contain these papers until you can give them your attention. If you find homework and artwork from school drifting into the kitchen, use the same principle and set up a simple homework or art bin. Take action! Gather up the clutter from your kitchen counters and find or create homes elsewhere for all of the things that are commonly dumped.

Put Things Away, Right Away

Clutter builds up when things don’t get dealt with in the moment. It’s so easy to come home from a busy day and dump everything on the counters, but it truly only takes a few minutes to hang up your bag, and put keys, mail and papers in their “homes.” Once you get into the habit of putting things away in the moment, it will start feel natural and easy to maintain.

Do you have a simple strategy for banishing kitchen clutter? Please share in the comments below!

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