How to Design a Timeless Kid’s Room

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I recently spoke with online design firm Havenly, who asked if I could come up with some fresh ideas for designing a nursery that can easily transition into a “big kid” room and beyond. It’s tempting to design a nursery or child’s room around your child’s current developmental stage and interests. The challenge is that with constantly evolving tastes and preferences, frequent design overhauls can be both time consuming and pricey.

Kids’ tastes are bound to change, but with these simple tips, you can create timeless nurseries and kid’s rooms that can easily evolve as tastes change:

Stick With Neutral Walls

That “Friendly Forest Wildlife Wallpaper” may seem like a great idea when designing a whimsical nursery for your newest addition, but before you know it, your child will be complaining that it’s “too babyish” and you’ll have to redo the whole room! Instead, stick with neutral walls so you’ll always have a clean canvas.  If you want to add some whimsy or a pop of color, these wall decals are a charming (and easily removable) addition. I used them in the girls’ closet and love the pop of pink against the pale grey paint. (We used one of my favorite neutral grays, Benjamin Moore’s “Vapor Trails” for all of our bedrooms.)

SG Capsule Kids

Buy Furniture You Actually Like

What a concept, right? I love investing in timeless furniture that can easily transition from nursery to kid’s room all the way through teenage years and beyond. The bed shaped like a car will quickly grow out of favor, but a simple, well-made bed can be updated easily just by switching out bedding and pillows.  Think of your furniture as a clean slate which you can easily accent with accessories as age, taste, and style evolve.

Keep Your Storage Modern and Timeless

I have great news for you. You don’t actually have to buy plastic storage cubbies in primary colors if that’s not your thing. Wooden furniture and modern bins and baskets can easily transition from holding plush toys in a nursery to magazines in a teenagers room. You can check out some of my favorite storage options right here.

 Use Accessories to Update Your Space

Just because you opt for neutral furniture, doesn’t mean your child’s room can’t have personality. Swapping out pillows, wall decor, and accents is easy and costs much less than updating large elements such as furniture, lighting, and window treatments.

Open shelving can be accented with wooden blocks or dolls and then updated with Lego creations, trophies and collections to grow with your child’s interests.  Simply swap out the contents as interests evolve and change.

Playroom Slide 9

Experiment with Unconventional Art

While it’s tempting to buy age appropriate art like ABC posters, try investing in more sophisticated options that can stand the test of time. I love these colorful paintings by Britt Bass and these gorgeous photos from The Animal Print Shop. Large vintage maps are also a great option for stimulating creative minds at any age.

Invest In Quality

It’s hard for furniture and decor to stand the test of time if it’s not well made. If you want to create a timeless room, it’s worth it to splurge on well-constructed, high-quality furniture, lighting and window treatments.  Err on the side of simple, clean design for these elements so you can easily personalize with bedding and accessories. For our girls’ room, I stuck with white furniture and simple white roller shades which can serve as a neutral backdrop for years to come.

shiragillhome_2017update_009So, think it’s possible to create a space that your kiddo loves, that can easily transition into a teenager’s room and beyond?

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