Splurge: Elevate Your Everyday

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As part of my mission to buy fewer, better things for myself and my home, I’ve been thinking about what’s truly worth splurging on. I’ve decided that it makes the most sense to splurge on the items that I see and use daily, even if these items are simply utilitarian. A few of my favorite products to elevate your everyday:

a styled bedroom, Shira Gill reaching over stove, necklaces on hooks

Garbage Cans

I am partial to these but also enjoy this one. My husband thinks it is pure madness to splurge on a garbage can, but I say if a garbage can makes you happy, splurge on, my friend!


What’s with all the mismatched, starchy towels from the 80’s? Towels that are past their prime appear in almost every home I have ever organized. Treat yourself to some fluffy, matching towels. Your deserve it.


I only recommend owning two sets of sheets per bed so why not invest in lovely high quality linens that feel great? I am currently coveting the washed linen and vintage cotton beauties from Matteo Bedding.


We eat three meals a day and come into contact with our plates, bowls and glassware more than almost any other household object. Find a style you love and buy 8-10 of each item. A few years ago, I invested in a set of beautiful plates and bowls from Heath Ceramics and actually feel like my food tastes better on them!

What items do you love to splurge on to elevate your everyday? Please share in the comments below!

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