Embracing Good Enough

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Do you ever feel stuck in your life because you want everything to be perfect? Do you get bogged down with goals or projects because you want everything to be just right? As a a card carrying member of the perfectionist club, I have decided to shift gears and learn how to embrace good enough. Here’s why:

It Will Move Things Forward

I can’t tell you how many of my clients have waited to donate things because they want to find just the right person to give that set of tools or leather jacket. Instead of getting things out of their homes, they hang onto them in dusty bags waiting for the right scenario. I say if dropping them at a local charity or giving them to a neighbor moves you closer to your goals, then let’s get on with it! Taking action of any kind will shift things and drive them forward. Action feels so much better than being stuck.

It Will Prevent Perfectionism

I’ve been thinking a lot about how minimalism can turn into its own brand of perfectionism. In my own quest to have fewer, better things, I have noticed some obsessive and perfectionistic tendencies emerging. For example, I decided I wanted to own less shoes and then started a mad hunt for the “perfect” boots, sneakers, and flats. The concept that each thing has to be the very best, can create feelings of anxiety and stall things from moving forward. Instead, I’m choosing to find the “good enough” shoes. If they are comfortable and feel stylish they’re going to get the job done. Same holds true for your quest for the perfect couch, perfect, car, perfect insert thing-you are-looking-for-here. 

You don't need to be perfect or do things perfectly to have a great life. Cut yourself some slack -- Professional Organizer Shira Gill explains why.

Average Work is Better Than Failing

If you are waiting for the exact moment or circumstances to organize your home, have a baby, start a business, lose weight, etc. chances are you will never start. Simply put, you will choose to fail ahead of time. By doing nothing you will never move closer to your goals. Choose to do average work and you can move bravely ahead. I know you’re probably thinking, “But I don’t want average!” I can’t tell you how many homes I have come across that don’t have basic things like couches or window coverings because my clients are waiting to find the perfect couch or curtains. When I point out that literally any couch would be better than having nowhere to sit down, it seems ridiculous! Average is always better than failing.

This is a hard concept to embrace, and one that I actively struggle with myself. But this year, I have made the decision to reject perfectionism in favor of good enough. I am choosing to seek action, movement, and progress instead of a futile journey towards the elusive “perfect.” I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and how you have worked through perfectionism in your own life.

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