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Fewer Better: The Bathroom Edit

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I’ve been feeling crummy about my tiny shared bathroom recently which is so silly because there are much bigger things to worry about – but here we are. The good news is our kids are happy, our public schools are wonderful and walkable, and we truly enjoy the rest of our home.

But, back to the bathroom. It’s tiny. It has an IKEA sink with no counter space. It has an old jacuzzi tub that looks like it’s from a bad 80’s movie. BUT, I’ve found that all it takes is the addition of a few little luxuries and I immediately feel better about the space. Fluffy towels, fresh flowers, and a few nice products really do go a long way in making even the tiniest space feel elevated and lovely.

My favorite elevated essentials and little luxuries for the bathroom are linked below!

bathroom essentials


Waffle Towels

Classic, absorbent, timeless, and chic.

$49 Linked Here

Yuzu Body Wash

Vegan, cruelty free, fresh citrus scent.

$28 Linked Here

Cozy Slippers

The search is over! Shearling lined, outrageously comfy, and family-factory made slippers.

$150 Linked Here *Use code 15SHIRA for 15% off

Diptyque Candle

Luxurious, fig scented candle, made in France. 60-hour burn time.

$70 Linked Here

Exfoliating Hand Wash

A blend of botanical extracts with finely milled pumice to exfoliate and refresh your skin. Like going to the spa every time you wash your hands!

$40 Linked Here

Dry Body Brush

A revitalizing dry body brush that gently exfoliates for soft, smooth, and glowing skin.

$22 Linked Here

What are your favorite elevated bathroom essentials? Any other small space dwellers looking to spruce up their tiny space?

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20 comments on “Fewer Better: The Bathroom Edit

  1. Love your blog posts, book, insta…you name it!
    Here’s a quick question I’ve been searching for answers too… what truly is the best bath towel that will not loose softness/plushness?! Do you recommend this waffle weave towel here to be that? I’ve bought everything from Turkish to cotton. They always seem to go rough and scratchy. And I do not use harsh detergent or dryer sheets! Help!

    1. Thank you! The towel struggle is real…Waffle weave are pretty and absorbent but not at all plush. I would try the “SuperPlush Towels” from Brooklinen. I haven’t personally tried but they are a best seller with rave reviews online. Good luck! Xx

    2. Hi Rebecca, the struggle is real, I line dry my towels for the most part and I find that if I iron them they become softer, I do have a set of bamboo/cotton blend they have stayed fluffy the longest.

    3. Hello! I also love a super soft towel and when we moved a couple of years ago I bought the Home Decorators Collection of Plush Soft Cotton 18-Piece Bath Towel Set in Stone Gray hese from Home Depot. 2.5 years later they are still soft and I do don’t even use fabric softener. I have been very happy with them.

    4. I have LOVED our light grey towels we got from LL Bean! We wash them regularly and they look as good as the day we bought them.

  2. Hi, love your small bathroom. Similar size as in Europe. I am wondering how you manage to have only 2 towels per person? Me and partner have 10-15 towels (we use for drying hands as well for showering) and i think there is still not enough. I wash laundry (towels) at least 1x week. We have two small babies and i dont see how we will manage when they start using for hands snd showering. Heeeelp!

    1. Hi! So, each family member has an active towel on a hook in our bathroom. We each use our (1) towel for bathing, and drying our hands and faces so no need for multiples. We let them air dry with the window open and do laundry 1-2 times a week. Hope this helps! Xx

  3. Soft towels, lovely smelling had wash and body wash and a candle are musts. I am going to have a look at the dry brush.

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