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Fewer, Better: Handbags

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I have been working on ton of closet and style makeover projects and have had handbags on the brain. This everyday item can elevate and define one’s style and should not be neglected when updating a wardrobe. I work with so many professional women who have beautiful clothing, but outdated, poorly made handbags. No good! When investing in this staple item, I always suggest buying a classic black tote and also a brown/tan or neutral handbag. This way you can splurge on beautifully made handbags that are versatile enough for both work and play.

Black Cuyana handbag with camel statuettes


Current favorites include this oversized carryall tote in black and this small carryall tote in sable, both by Cuyana. I use the oversized tote everyday for work and love that it is chic, yet large enough to hold my computer and gym clothing. The smaller one is perfect for date night, dinner with friends or running errands in the neighborhood.

Are you overdue for a bag update? Try donating or consigning your old stash and investing in a few high quality handbags that will help you feel stylish, polished and ready to take the world by storm.

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