Form vs. Function

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When setting up and organizing a home I always do my best to merge both form and function. There are some times, however, when it becomes necessary to pick. Example: Our office printer is huge, unattractive and takes up a third of our desk. Since we rarely need to print anything I decided to stow it in a large storage box in our linen closet. I will admit that every few months when I need to haul it out and set it up it is inconvenient, but in this case I happily opt for form (a pretty, clear desk) over function (easy printing).


My husband thinks hauling the printer out is ridiculous and if it was his desk he would certainly opt for functionality. The point is there is no one-size-fits-all solution. If you are stuck, I would suggest weighing the pros and cons of form vs. function and arriving at a decision that you can stand behind.

Happy Organizing!

photo credit: vivian johnson

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