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Glassware Intervention

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It’s time to get honest about mugs and glassware. Do you have dozens more than you could ever use? Are you holding onto mismatched mugs from college and chipped glasses? You are not alone! I am consistently blown away by the volume of glassware cluttering up my clients’ kitchens.

Here’s what I suggest: Find a mug you really like. Buy 10 of them. Find a drinking glass you like. Buy 10 of them. Same plan for red and white wine glasses. If you are worried about breakage, buy a few extra of each style to store. When we throw parties, we either use disposable cups or these virtually unbreakable tumblers.


I love the clean, streamlined look of uniform mugs and glassware, especially if you have open cabinets like we do. So, what are you waiting for?  Ditch the duds and invest in fewer, better glassware and mugs. Your cabinets will thank you!

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4 comments on “Glassware Intervention

  1. Haha, I’m always trying to get my parents to get rid of some of their glassware! My partner and I have 2 mugs each (we don’t drink coffee, but occasionally use them for tea or guests) and 12 plain glasses.

  2. Why is it that every vacation spot entertains a host of crappy mugs for souvenirs?!? No one wants a crappy mug that they feel obligated to keep. If you need a mug to remind you of your vacation then you aren’t vacationing right!! 🙂

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