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Guest Post: Financial Freedom!

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From my pal, Hedy Macferran:

When Shira asked if I would join her in a spending freeze for the month of March, it could not have come at a better time. I very recently achieved what I thought would be an unachievable goal: I became 100% debt-free. While I expected to feel overjoyed with my accomplishment, it left me feeling numb.

What to do, now that the weight of the world had finally slid off of my shoulders? I’ll tell you: Restaurant reservations! A personal trainer! Redecorating, room by room! Paint swatches! Furniture! Shoes! Clothes! Spa! Stand aside, world, I am finally debt-free and I have a LOT of catching-up to do!

Needless to say, Shira’s ask triggered me to reel it in. My commitment to the exercise helped in these ways:

1. It made me feel more controlled, paced, strategic, organized, patient, fulfilled.

2. It has forced me to identify my wants versus my needs, to create long-term financial goals, to understand more clearly my spending challenges.

3. Finally, I made the decision to challenge myself like this every month! Starting on April 1st, I will be making significant changes to my diet for one month while deciding what’s in store for May.

This month is exactly what I needed in order to take the reigns and actually experience this new found freedom that I worked so very hard for.

hedy{photo credit: Hedy Macferran}

What will you do next month to take control over your finances? Your health? Your emotional or physical clutter? Please share!

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