Guest Post: My Husband Speaks Up!

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It’s my birthday, so my husband, Jordan offered to step in and write a guest post!

I was Shira’s first client.  I clearly remember the day she stepped into my closet (although I don’t remember asking her to) and told which of my clothes were unacceptable.  In her defense, I was exiting an identity crisis that had me wearing the clothing of a much, much larger man.

I grew up messy.  By the time Shira and I got together I was not embarrassingly bad, but I had legitimate issues.  We moved in together on our one year anniversary, a third floor walk up in a Chicago brownstone with one small closet in the bedroom.  My life changed that day for so many reasons, but perhaps the most surprising of all was the unexpected benefits I derived from becoming more organized.

There are the obvious reasons: I can find things.  I don’t accidentally step on things.  Everything looks attractive and smells fresh.  Those one would expect.

When I started to put things away and care more about the state of things – a made bed, a set table, an organized closet – I noticed an overall feeling of calm and peace when I was home.  And, most surprisingly, comfort.  I always feared that if I conformed to the minimal, clean, organized aesthetics of my wonderful, Type A wife, I would be scared to touch the furniture much less burrow in and watch a game.  The exact opposite is true.

I like to think that working with me helped Shira to hone her skills.  She likes to think that she helped me get my life in order.

It’s her birthday, so I’ll let her win this one.



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