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House Tour

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Today is the day!

I’m so excited to guide you through a full house tour and share info and resources for all of the things I frequently receive questions about. Onwards to the tour!  

Before we dive in, I have to confess that as I write this we are already mapping out all sorts of changes for our home. I can’t help myself – but mainly, the girls have been begging for their own rooms for years, and we’ve decided to make a bunch of creative changes to enable this to happen sometime in the next year before Chloe starts middle school. More on that later. 

On to the tour! 

OK. First things first. Our home is 1200 square feet and has two closets, so we have to get creative about storage. As you can see below, when you walk in there is no mudroom or entry closet, so we fashioned together a makeshift entry with these hooks and this rolling basket for shoes below. 

Other sources: Couch / Coffee Table / Wall Sconce / Chair / Rug / Art by Maria Moy

We mostly use our living room for movie nights, reading, lounging, and making pillow forts. We invested in the sectional and cozy rug to make it easy to gather with friends and family. 

When we bought our home from friends seven years ago we opened the doorway between the living and dining rooms. The dining room used to be very dark, so we removed the window coverings, added white chairs and a pendant light, and I recently broke down and painted all of the dark wood white. 

The paint is probably the thing I get asked about the most. The trim is Snowfall White and the wall color is Light Pewter, both by Benjamin Moore. 

Now that the dining room feels light and airy, I love spending time here. We use the space for family meals, art projects, homework, and entertaining with friends. The built-in cabinets on the back wall store everything from art supplies to homework cubbies, to oversized platters, napkins, and candles. 

Sources: Dining Table / Chairs / BasketStoolsCeramic Lights / Rug / Pendant Light

The dining room leads right into our long, narrow kitchen. We remodeled the kitchen immediately after buying our home. Since we were on a tight timeline and budget, we kept the existing cabinetry, and elevated the space with new lighting, hardware, and backsplash. You can read about our renovation and tips right here

I love how it all turned out, and I especially love how inviting the open cabinets feel – all of our everyday essentials can easily be accessed by anyone who stops by for a visit. Not shown: a stackable washer/dryer, wall-mounted Dyson, and tiny half-bath are nestled in the back of the kitchen. 

Kitchen Sources: Vintage Rug (similar here) / Hardware / Pendant Lights / Flush Mount Lights / Toaster / Dishes + Bowls / Paint Color

Since our home is over 100-years old and on a small parcel of land, we don’t have a garage, or attic, and our basement is the size of a postage stamp. The only items we store in the basement are tax and house records, house paint, and a handful of bins full of sentimental items.

That’s it for the bottom floor. Ready to head upstairs? 

Let’s start with the master bedroom. This smallish room pretty much just fits our queen sized bed, nightstands, and dresser. I kept the decor very simple and minimal (surprise, surprise!), because after a long day juggling work, kids, and our new puppy, I like my bedroom to feel as much like a boutique hotel as possible. 

The throw pillows and Moroccan blanket are both from The Vintage Rug shop and you can check out our bed styling tutorial right here.

Other sources: paint color / nightstands (vintage) / rug / lamps

My husband, Jordan, and I share a decent sized closet, even though I don’t much care for sharing. More on this right here. Below you can see how we maximized vertical storage by adding lower and upper shelves and have created zones for his / hers so we each have our own space. Here’s my side of the closet:

And here’s one of my husband, Jordan’s side (yes, he does like blue shirts and sneakers):

Sharing a closet ensures that we keep our wardrobes quite streamlined. I used these wooden hangers and these acrylic dividers to create a clean boutique-like aesthetic.

Next up, the girls currently share the largest bedroom because we wanted them to have enough room to play. 

They have the same simple metal bed-frames and we recently updated their bedding to freshen things up a little.

All of the bedding is from Serena and Lily and other sources are linked right here: Bed Frames / Pendant Light / Library Cart 

The girls also share a closet which you can see below. We use the closet for storing their mementos, party dresses, and items to grow into and a bag of things to donate.  

Closet sources here: Rose Gold Hangers / Canvas Bins / Wall Decals

In between the two bedrooms is a linen closet we use for all of our towels, linens, and personal care products. I have organized the open bins by broad category to make it easy to find first-aid and medicine, nail care, travel, and back-up products, and extra sheets (one for each bed) since I have yet to master the art of properly folding bottom sheets.

Next up, we have our one tiny full bathroom. We remodeled the bathroom to brighten it up, but it’s still quite cramped for all four of us to navigate (and I do dream of one day having my own spacious bathroom!).

Our only storage consists of the two drawers beneath the sink. These drawers hold our toothbrushes, extra toilet paper, and every day products.

We share body wash, shampoo and conditioner so we can keep the products in our shower to the bare minimum. 


Bathroom sources right here: Tile / Light / Hooks / Mirror

The last space on the tour is our office which used to be our guest room. We recently removed the guest bed to make room for a work space built for two and a cozy love seat for reading and relaxing. 

This space used to be a sun porch. Its small and bright and one of my favorite places to work, write, and relax. 

Sources: Loveseat / Chairs / Desks / Rug / Light 

Whew. We did it! I truly love our home, and I feel like it’s the perfect size for our little clan. Most of all, I’m proud to have created a space that supports our values. The comfortable living spaces were designed to make it easy to host and entertain on a moment’s notice, and the minimalist aesthetic enables us to rent our home out when we travel.

Hope you enjoyed the tour and maybe even came away with some ideas for your own home. 

We’re currently finishing up a big exterior makeover which I’ll be sharing right here very soon. Stay tuned! Xx

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Image Credit: Vivian Johnson Photography 

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27 comments on “House Tour

  1. Lovely — cool, harmonious, and so inviting. Time to branch into interior decorating. I’m serious!

  2. I love your small home, so simple and beautiful! What body wash, shampoo, conditioner do you all share?

    1. Thanks, Toni!
      We’re currently using Beauty Counter because I’m trying to go paraban and sulfate free and all of their products are non-toxic.

  3. I love that you share a closet with your husband.

    Could I get the dimensions of your closet space? I have a ton of closet space and want to leave most of it empty and want a goal to aspire to.

  4. Beautiful! Giving me so much inspiration for my small city home with 3 little ones. Could you tell me how or where have you placed beloved family photos? I’m struggling with this and feel our home of nearly 4yrs is lacking some personalization due to this. Thanks!

    1. You’re very welcome! We have a few precious albums and a handful of framed photos in our living room and hallways. The girls also have cork boards with photos and mementos in their room. That’s it!

      1. Oh that helps! Thanks again. If you don’t mind, me asking additionally…Where do you keep your beauty (makeup and skincare – I too love BeautyCounter)??? I only have minimal items but my bathroom isn’t realistic as I’m always getting ready in my bedroom. But again where do I keep it?

        1. I keep mine in the bathroom, but you can get a pretty pouch and keep your daily-use items on or in your dresser with a ceramic cup for brushes. Hope that helps! Xx

  5. Beautiful place! I know the clutter gets me and going minimal has been a big help – I love it! Doing little by little. Pantry is next 🙂 How do you manage the kids toys? I just moved and have a big box of kids toys in the garage – I want to keep it there lol 😉 May I ask where’s the board above your desk from? Thanks

    1. I have a whole program called Clutter-Free with Kids which will help you tackle the kid toys, books, games, and gear one step at a time. And the board was made by a friend out of linen fabric and cork! Xx

      1. Shira,
        Have you considered installing a medicine cabinet, recessed into the wall, for additional bathroom storage? LOVE your home- especially your dining room❤️

        1. Thank you so much! We have considered a medicine cabinet, but I found it easier to just get rid of more stuff so we didn’t require additional storage 😉

  6. Thanks for sharing this delightful home tour! I love the chair in your living room, but the link is broken. Where did you get it from? Thank you!

    1. Thanks for catching! We bought the mid-century chair from DWR (we got the floor sample for a large discount off the retail price). I’ve updated the link in the post!

  7. Girl, you amaze me. I heard you on a podcast, then just searched for your name so I could hear you guest on all the podcasts. Your home is so simple! I literally look and it and wonder what you’re missing but it’s just not there. Great work! 3370 square feet in a Seattle suburb, way too much stuff, 4 kids, husband working from home, and a guinea pig to boot. I love what you have! What I like the most is that the space reflects you and your values. It shows gratitude for what you have.

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