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How to Create New Results in Your Life

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I just returned from a full week of teaching for The Life Coach School, and I am fired up! One of my favorite tools that we teach as part of the training program is the concept that in order to create new results in your life you have to be willing to think new thoughts. In other words – what got you here won’t get you there.

If you feel stuck in any area of your life, and want to commit to make big changes this year, follow these steps and blow your own mind:

Identify Your Desired Result

What is the specific and measurable outcome that you want? Take ownership of it. Write it down. Talk about it. Commit to it. Believe in it even though it hasn’t happened yet. Whether you want to make more money or lose weight or transform your home, you must clearly define what you want and commit to it 100%.

How to Create New Results in your life.

Break Down Your Action Steps

Now that you have clarified and defined your desired result, you’ll need to create a plan to take massive action to get it. Write down every single step you would need to take to make the result you want inevitable. For example, if you want to declutter and organize your home, you will need to schedule time to sort and review all of your belongings, you will need to purchase organizing products, you will need to identify a place you can take all of your donations, etc. Each one of these action items needs to go right into your calendar.

Determine Your Action-Fueling Feeling

Feelings drive our actions, and we will not take action unless we experience an action-fueling feeling. Next you need to consider what specific feeling will motivate you to take action and complete your to-do list. Some common examples include: confident, motivated, inspired, or determined. Pick one that resonates with you and write it down.

Start Thinking New Thoughts on Purpose

Now, here’s the most difficult and important step. The good news is that you cannot create positive results in your life from negative, unproductive thoughts. You must identify what useful thoughts you would need to be thinking in order to create your action-fueling feeling.

You must commit to believing new thoughts, and practicing them on purpose, in order to create new results in your life. So, if you want to declutter and organize your home and your action-fueling feeling is confidence, what would you need to be thinking about your home in order to genuinely feel confident? Make sure to identify a thought that feels believable to you. So, instead of leaping to something like “I’m amazing at decluttering and organizing” which may not ring true for you, try on something like “I know I can tackle one small area at a time” or “I’ve figured out how to do challenging things before and I will figure this out too.”

Once you’ve identified what new thought you need to believe on purpose, focus your energy and attention on it like crazy. Believing new things does not come easily and requires commitment and practice. Commit to this new belief and use it to generate your desired feeling which will drive you to take action and ultimately create your desired results.

Start thinking new thoughts for new results.

I have used this framework in my own life to transform everything from my relationships to my annual income, and I promise that it works. If you have been spinning your wheels in any area of your life, I invite you to give it a try and see what new outcomes you can create for yourself. I promise the work will be well worth it.

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2 comments on “How to Create New Results in Your Life

  1. Hi Shira
    I live in Esperance WA, Perth, Australia and have just finished listening to a podcast that Brooke Castillo did last year. I have spent the last 3 months listening to these casts and you were on her episodes #216 & #217 which I tuned into on the weekend while driving a 700km journey. Tonight I went to put a couple of new sports bras away that I had bought and thought to myself today is the day. My goodness, the amount of space I now have for underwear I actually wear….and the things I found?!?! That took less than 5 minutes, so I took it upon myself to actually do my sock draw…haha. Well the things you find in that?! Thank you so much for giving me ‘the bug’….my hubby and I even sat down and emptied out that horrid bowl with about 8 years of junk in it. Turned out there were only about 5 things we kept. Cannot wait to make my way through the rest of the house! Thank you for being on The Life Coach School and giving me inspiration to get organised! Lauree, WA6450

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