How to Maintain a Minimalist Home – with Pets!

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Everyone in my life (including me) was shocked when they learned I had broken down and agreed to get a puppy for my girls. One thing I was clear about was that owning a dog didn’t mean my house had to transform into a war zone littered with chew toys, dog beds, and other pet accessories – not on my watch! The truth is that all most pets need to thrive is food, water, shelter, and lots of love and attention. Aside from a few sacrificial rugs and some seasonal shedding, we have managed to keep our home relatively unchanged from our pre-puppy life.


Read on for five simple strategies to keep your home streamlined, tidy, and minimal – with pets!

Ditch the Packaging

Use large glass canisters with scoops and label stickers to store pet treats, dry food, and toys. Eliminating all of the bulky packaging also helps create a streamlined, cohesive look, and it’s easy to see when food or treats need to be replenished. A win-win.

Leave Dirt at the Door

Pets can’t help but track dirt and grime into the home, and when it’s raining…yikes. Looking for a simple solution? Stock a few clean towels and a pet cleaning glove (like this one!) in a convenient spot in your entry area or mudroom. A quick wipe-down will make a world of difference. A high-quality doormat coupled with a washable throw rug will help corral outside dirt before it even enters your home.

Prioritize Grooming

Grooming your furry friends on the regular will decrease shedding hair and dander collecting on clothing, floors, and furniture. Set up a regular grooming schedule or outsource the task to your local groomer. Keep pet shampoo in chic dispensers with pumps, and commit to a regular cleaning schedule to help ensure that hair and dirt don’t build up and overtake your home.

Practice Minimalist Principles

Invest in fewer, better things for your pets. Instead of splurging on all the latest toys, outfits, and gadgets, limit quantity and invest in quality. I suggest having a maximum of 1-2 designated bins, or baskets, to corral all pet-related items. We have one for toys and another for medicines, dental chews, treats, and a grooming brush. Still have too many things to manage? Donate any gently used items to your local animal shelter.

Commit to a 5-Minute Nightly Tidy

There’s nothing like waking up to a clean home, especially on a busy morning. Before you turn in for the night, commit to a 5-minute-tidy to restore your home to its former glory. Gather up stray toys that have migrated all over your living spaces and return them to their bins. Hang dog leashes and stow dog waste bags by the front door. Put away grooming accessories, and rinse out food and water bowls. Think of it as an instant reset for your space.

My minimalist pet favorites linked below!

pet items

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Photography Credit: Vivian Johnson 


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