How to Take Massive Action

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Massive action is a concept I learned about when I was doing life coach training. Most of us (myself included!) get stuck in a pattern of taking passive action – we consume massive amounts of information and spend countless hours thinking about our goals, without actually taking action. Sound familiar?

The concept of taking massive action simply means that you commit to taking action until you get your desired results. This sounds deceptively simple, but do not underestimate how impactful it can be when put into practice.

Taking action toward a goal can be scary, but I'm here to show you that it's simple and well worth it.

When you take massive action you must anticipate that there will be setbacks and challenges ahead, and accept that overcoming them will be part of the process – not a reason to justify quitting. Most of us are willing to stumble or fall once, maybe twice, in pursuit of our goals. It takes real courage, determination, and commitment to be willing to fail as many times as it takes to reach our goals.

Is there an outcome you would love to accomplish this year? Here’s how you can use this impactful tool and start taking massive action in your own life:

Pick One Goal to Focus On

It doesn’t matter what the goal is. It can be a big, juicy goal like starting your own business, or something as small as wanting to learn a new skill. All that matters is that you pick one and commit to it.

Define Your Desired Results

Make sure you have a metric to gage when you have reached your goal. Make your goal specific, measurable, and achievable. If you want to make more money, set a concrete goal like earning six figures by the end of 2018.

Take Massive Action + Embrace Failure

When you take massive action you honor your commitment to yourself and your goal and keep going no matter what. When you fail, or something doesn’t work out, it’s not a problem, it’s just part of the process. You need to be willing to recalibrate, shift gears, and keep going. Try, fall down, fail, try again. This practice will help you build both resilience and confidence. The best part is massive action eliminates failure as an option – you’re either succeeding or your learning.

Have a goal in mind that would feel amazing to achieve? I invite you to commit to taking massive action towards that goal for 90 days, and see what happens. If you commit to this principle I promise it will change your entire life. I can’t wait to  hear about it!

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